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Meet with us at our Hearing Clinic

We have an outstanding audiology and hearing aid clinic. Led by Dr Elaine Saunders, our audiology team is actively involved in audiology and hearing aid research, and brings many years of diverse clinical experience to our practice. We have our own hearing aid repair technician and earmold technician. We specialise in assessment of hearing in noise, and give everyone a plan of action (My Hearing Plan™).

, with some out-of-hours by special arrangement. Please contact us to make an appointment.


We cater for a full range of needs and look to keep our product costs as low as possible. When you do come and visit us, there are consultation fees for appointments.

Hearing evaluation and hearing aid advice
Hearing loss
Hearing loss 389 ICD-9
$150 (45–60 minutes)

This full audiological assessment includes:

  • Otoscopy
  • Test of middle ear function
  • Audiometric assessment
  • Hearing for speech in noise
  • Measures of hearing effort
  • Full report given to client and others as requested
Face-to-Face Set-up and Customisation of Blamey Saunders hearing aids
$275 (60 minutes + complimentary review)

This consultation will assist you in using IHearYou® software and tuning your hearing aids. It includes:

  • Initial set up of hearing aids
  • Expert instruction on hearing aid care
  • Follow-up review recommended after 3-6 weeks listening experience (complimentary)
Extra Consultations
$100 per 30 minutes

This can be at our clinic in person, or online remote support with your own computer and our hearing aids. Includes listening skills and hearing aid fine tuning

Earmolds, musicians plugs, motorbike plugs
$175–$240 per pair plus GST

Available Earmolds and hearing protection:

What you can expect to pay

You can purchase your hearing aids when you come for your consultation. Most initial appointments include:

Our hearing aid packages cost:

Minimum total cost

The minimum total cost for two hearing aids with a full evaluation from our clinic is $2,680 (2 LOF hearing aids + hearing evaluation + face to face set up)

Contact us today

Phone for an appointment on (03) 9008 6371. You can also visit our online store for more information on products and prices or read our hearing advice for free hearing aid information.

My Hearing Plan™ is a trademark of Blamey Saunders hears.