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How are your prices so low?

Blamey Saunders hears can provide a pair of hearing aids for $2000–$6000 with performance that our competitors sell for $10,000 (or more). When you spend $10,000 on a pair of hearing aids through conventional sales channels, less than 1/3 of the money goes to the cost of the hearing aid itself. The other 2/3 goes to a mark-up or commission, to pay for the services required to measure your hearing, adjust the hearing aid, to pay for the high proportion of returned hearing aids, and to pay the high overheads of retail outlets.

At Blamey Saunders hears, you are buying hearing aids from the Australian inventors and audiologists who believe in a fair go for everyone. Prof Peter Blamey and Dr Elaine Saunders have spent most of our lives working to provide better hearing to millions of people worldwide. We have developed free and effective measures for measuring hearing online and within the hearing aid itself. We have developed the IHearYou technology to help you adjust your own hearing aids at home, avoiding high overheads and bundled services that you may not need. Our online service is second to none, and we have the lowest return rates for hearing aids anywhere in the world.

You could, of course, spend the same amount of money on an inferior product or three times the money on a comparable product. These choices have always been available, but now there is a new, better choice based on Australian science. You’ll be joining thousands of happy customers.

How do your hearing aids compare?

Bionic ear technology

Professor Peter Blamey’s inventions are used in our hearing aids as well as in the bionic ear. The peer-reviewed proven technology is called ADRO®, designed to make sound audible and comfortable for the listener. You can request a link to the relevant scientific papers.

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Smart hearing aids

The adaptive amplifier technology in our hearing aids has been tested in clinical trials and was preferred by the majority of users, when compared to the compression technology used in most conventional hearing aids. It adapts to keep sound comfortable without distortion.

We could write pages and pages about the decades of leading Australian research used in our hearing aids, including 64 or 96 frequency channels, automatic adaptive directional microphones, fast adaptive feedback cancellers, and ultra-low delay processing. But really, it’s the great outcomes and convenience to thousands of customers that we are really proud of.

How do I measure my tube length / ear size?

We have an online guide

Measure your ear size (PDF)

Can I see your warranty details?

Yes, our warranty details are available online.

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Can I order just one hearing aid now and another later?

Yes, but we strongly recommend two hearing aids from day one. Two ears are best for balanced sound, and also directionality and background noise.

Do you accept OHS or DVA vouchers or have a price for pensioners?

Blamey Saunders Opus hearing aids are on the Government Top Up hearing aid list.

We aren’t able to offer a reduction on the hearing aid price for pensioners, as we already set our prices very low for a premium quality hearing aid. Pensioners may be eligible for government hearing aid subsidies through other Government hearing aid suppliers. We encourage eligible pensioners to investigate this option first. We have kept prices as low as possible for everyone, and our prices are lower than most ‘top up’ options available to Government Hearing Aid Voucher holders.

We recognise what our veterans have done for Australia, and the extra needs you may have, so we are proud to offer veterans with a gold or white card a significant discount on our hearing aids via a cash-back.

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Can I claim with health funds?

Most of our clients claim their hearing aids on their health insurance, but rules regarding online product purchases do vary from fund to fund. Blamey Saunders hears does not guarantee you will receive a health fund rebate and does not make private health insurance claims on behalf of customers for hearing aid purchases. We provide a tax invoice with all purchases and consultations. Our audiologists’ provider numbers are supplied for consultations. With HBF, Blamey Saunders hears provider number is B17907 (item number 400).

Delivery times

Dispatch usually occurs within a few business days, sometimes next business day. In metropolitan Australia, delivery is usually one or two days after dispatch.

There is no GST on hearing aids in Australia, however international orders may attract local duties and taxes (for example New Zealand GST) upon delivery.

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