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Ann – Audiologist

Portrait of Ann

Ann has been working in the world of hearing for many years. She is passionate about helping people understand their hearing problems, and is very skilled in diagnosing audiological conditions. She enjoys helping people improve their general communication with a combination of hearing aids and hearing strategies.

Ann has seen how important hearing health is for emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing, and she emphasises that healthy hearing helps keep us connected with our loved ones, friends and co-workers. She says: “Good hearing is taken for granted. People never consider their ears until their hearing is affected in some way. We should protect our ears at all times from excessive noise exposure and physical injury”.

Ryan – Audiologist

Portrait of Ryan

Audiologist Ryan O’Clair heads our Brisbane Clinic. He joins us all the way from the US, where he completed a clinical doctorate degree in audiology at Pacific University. Ryan says that the most rewarding aspect of being an audiologist is “helping bring the clarity back to an individual’s life.” He says that hearing loss often manifests itself as difficulty with clarity of speech, not loudness.

He advises that hearing loss occurs regardless of age and anyone with a hearing loss should treat it as soon as possible in order to preserve the auditory system as a whole; “The phrase ‘Use it or lose it’ very much so applies to our sense of hearing, and untreated hearing loss can have unexpected consequences on the auditory nerve and ultimately the brain itself. Bottom line: protect your ears, get a hearing test, and create a baseline.”

Chamini – Audiometrist

Portrait of Chamini

Chamini was inspired to enter the field of hearing after the child of a family member was born with hearing loss. She believes hearing plays a vital role in maintaining relationships and in making important decisions. She is also dual qualified, having trained in Audiology in Sri Lanka, as well as the Diploma of Hearing Device Prescription and evaluation in Australia.

To Chamini, the most rewarding aspect of her job is seeing the new lease on life people get from hearing aids. When asked what we should all know about hearing, she said: “An early diagnosis is very important, as prompt treatment will improve the chances that a hearing aid will be successfully implemented and used. A routine hearing test provides serious benefits for everyone.”

Sue – Audiometrist

Portrait of Sue

Sue was previously a registered nurse, including work at an occupational health clinic, and one component of her job was to perform screening hearing tests. She wanted to learn more about audiology so she enrolled in the Audiometry at OTEN. Sue combines these two skill sets to bring excellent technical knowledge and clinical skills.

Sue believes hearing is a fundamental necessity for communicating and maintaining relationships. That’s why she’s so passionate about helping people learn about hearing and listening. If Sue could only give you one piece of advice, it would be this: “Protect yourself from loud noise, wherever possible”.

Daniel – Audiometrist and Assistive Communications Device Product Manager

Portrait of Daniel

Daniel was diagnosed with a progressive hearing impairment in his early teens but he was determined to find a way to help others with hearing loss. Daniel is now an Audiometrist. He also tests and reviews assistive communications devices. “Knowing that I’m helping to give back to a client one of their most vital means for communication is rewarding beyond measure”.

Daniel speaks from experience when he imparts the following: “As we get older our hearing is likely to deteriorate, especially in frequencies vital to understanding speech. While we're younger it is essential that we do all we can to protect our ears from loud noise so that a loss of hearing does not impact our quality of life in later years.”

Mark – Customer Support

Portrait of Mark

Mark studied audiometry at OTEN. Growing up, he wanted to work in a position where he could help people; he finds working at Blamey Saunders very rewarding. To Mark, the most rewarding aspect of his job is creating real change in people’s lives. “Whenever we get an ecstatic review from one of our clients, it really motivates me to keep working harder.”

Mark is emphatic about hearing health. “It’s so important because your hearing keeps you connected to the world. It allows you to stay connected at work and with your friends and family”.

Mark would like to leave anyone hesitant about treating their hearing loss with this advice: “If you think you have a hearing difficulty, you should do something about it. The difference a good hearing solution can make to your life is enormous”.

Eliza – Customer Support

Portrait of Eliza

As a musician, Eliza has always taken an interest in the importance of hearing health. She comes from a background in Medical Science but also has extensive experience in customer service and retail in electronics. Eliza loves working with people and new technology. She is currently studying Audiometry.

Eliza believes that you shouldn’t take hearing for granted. She emphasises that “good hearing health lets you keep enjoying the things you love”.

Eliza loves that her job allows her to reach people near or far. “I think our business is really unique that way. We can help people down the street, in a rain forest, up a mountain or in the middle of the desert. I love reaching out to people all over the country (and the world)”.

Theo – Hearing Aid Audiologist

Portrait of Theo

Theo’s interest in music production led him to a career in hearing health. He loves that his job allows him to assist people with their hearing wherever they are, whenever they need his help.

Theo believes that hearing is a fundamental aspect of how we interact with our surroundings. “The inability to hear leads to feeling isolated and cut off from the people around us,” he said, "and so it’s important to act on hearing loss as soon as possible."

Sophie – Customer Support

Portrait of Sophie

When you call up to speak to our Client Services team, there’s a chance you’ll get put through to Dr Sophie. Sophie has a scientific research background and is interested in all things ears. She believes hearing is so important because communication is integral to our relationships and mental health.

Sophie says that the most rewarding aspect of her job is getting people socialising again. If she could only leave you one piece of advice, it would be this: “You won’t always know if your ears are occluded with wax, so don’t dismiss having them looked at!”

Michael – Customer Support

Portrait of Michael

Michael is a member of our Client Services team and is thrilled to be working in such an interesting, meaningful role. He says the best part of his job is chatting with people about what they’re rediscovering with their new hearing aids.

Michael believes it’s important to pay attention to the people around you when they start to talk about your hearing loss; many people dismiss these comments, and some struggle for up to seven years before seeking help.

Michael says “Hearing can help define so much of our interaction with others, so it’s something that should be looked after as best we can”.