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Is earwax getting in the way of your hearing?

Earwax lubricates our ears in the same way tears lubricate our eyes. Without adequate earwax, our ears would feel dry and itchy. But sometimes we overproduce wax and it becomes problematic.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, earwax build-up may be the culprit.

Ears are normally self-cleaning; earwax is naturally expelled when you move your jaw or chew. But sometimes it needs a bit of professional help.

Earwax can block up your hearing aids.

Many people who think they’re not getting benefit from their hearing aids are surprised when sounds are restored once the wax is removed from the ear and/or the hearing aid. A lot of the time, a “broken” hearing aid is actually just blocked with wax and can be fixed in minutes.

Blamey Saunders hears uses the latest, safest and most comfortable methods to thoroughly clean your ears.

Our trained specialists use a specialised binocular microscope for a clear view of your ear canal. We then remove wax buildup using gentle micro-suction and/or special ear wax removal tools.

Appointments cost $90, and typically take less than half an hour.

We remove earwax in our Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney clinic.

If earwax is bothering you, or you think it might be distorting your hearing, give us a call on 1300 443 279 or use the online booking form below. No referral necessary!

Please note that overly hardened wax can be impossible to remove. If you have it, your clinician will send you home with a wax softening agent and book you in for a follow up removal appointment. You won’t be charged for your initial appointment.

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