Our friendly team of hearing clinicians experts provide the following services:

Our services can be tailored to meet your needs.

We charge a simple hourly fee of $180.

Comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment (recommended)

A full assessment to find out why you’re having trouble hearing. You’ll be sent a full written report of your results. Your audiology assessment will include a traditional hearing test with pure tones and words, video otoscopy, and middle-ear function testing. We are the only clinic that offers the Australian Speech in Noise Test (Australian SPIN™) to determine how well you hear in background noise. Allow 1 hour ($180).

Professional hearing aid consultation, hearing aid set up and hearing rehabilitation session

We provide you with information about our digital technology, and help you fine-tune your Blamey Saunders hearing aids to suit your setting preferences. We will measure the benefit that your hearing aids are giving you, and optimise them for your hearing.

Our clinicians will help you fully customise your settings and show you how to manage the hearing aids confidently at home. They will also provide you with tips for easier hearing and listening. Allow an hour. (It may take less or more depending on your requirements.)

Allow 1 hour ($180) for full audiological assessments, and 2 hours ($360) for full audiological assessments and hearing aid set up.

Wax removal

Our ear wax removal service costs $95. We use the latest suction technology. Booking is essential. Only available at our Melbourne and Brisbane Clinics.

Tinnitus consultations

If you experience tinnitus (ringing or other types of noise that seem to originate in the head or ear), our clinicians offer consultation and counsel you on your best course of action.

Short hearing assessment (ideal for pre-employment medical evaluation)

This involves taking a hearing test using our clinicially-proven Speech Perception Test and a pure tone threshold test. You can then move on to hearing aid set up and advice.

Hearing and listening training

Now you have hearing aids, combine them with better listening techniques for the best results. Our clinical team can teach you how to make the most of the hearing that you have, and show you how to manage tricky listening situations.

Children’s hearing assessments (age 4 and above)

Full audiological testing for children including traditional hearing test with pure tones and words, video otoscopy, middle-ear function testing, and speech testing.

Hearing Protection

Customised earplugs are designed to help protect your hearing without compromising sound quality. One of our certified technicians will make impressions of your ear from a quick-drying modelling material, which we send to our partner laboratory to be manufactured into comfortable musician’s ear plugs. We will send them to you when they’re Ready!

Impressions, customised musician earmold with necessary features:
$240 per pair + $24 GST = $264.00
Postage and handling:

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