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Facett Hearing Aid Package — Out Of Stock

Beautiful. Modular. Self-fit.


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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

Hearing aid package prices are for a full system with everything you need including accessories. And you receive follow up support via video or phone consultation as well as remote fine tuning of your hearing aids.

If you buy online within Australia, shipping is free for all hearing aids.

About Facett modular hearing aid

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While all our aids are state of the art, it is Facett that changes the game. A world first – a modular ‘self-fit’ hearing aid inspired by the needs of hearing aid users, it’s as breathtakingly beautiful as it is simple to use.

Facett is divided into two components. The “core” is the brains and contains your settings. The battery module contains a rechargeable battery.

This Australian made hearing aid is the result of a government-aided collaboration between science, technology, and the arts.

Facett was made for you.

Say goodbye to fiddly disposable batteries.

Charge your rechargeable modules overnight and wake up to a day of uninterrupted listening. Modules are a better alternative to the disposable batteries that many people struggle to change on their own. Simply hold the core and the module close together and watch them click magnetically into place.

Experience ultra-high resolution sound. Your way.

Patented Australian technology on a powerful hearing aid chip makes sound clear, natural and comfortable. Facett works with IHearYou® to give you optional independent control over your settings.


Customise your listening experience with IHearYou®

All Blamey Saunders hearing aids are user-adjustable. Now you can accurately match your aids to your unique listening environments without frustrating repeat visits to the audiologist. Our award-winning progamming system lets you easily manage your acoustic preferences – using your Windows computer and Android and Apple iOS devices. Our Melbourne-headquartered experts are available to assist you remotely.

Facett hearing aid packages include

Is a Facett hearing aid right for you?

Facett is suitable for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses. If you’ve taken our Speech Perception Test (SPT) online, or sent us a copy of a recent hearing test, we can use the results to set up your hearing aid. Contact us if you’d like help figuring out if Facett is suitable for you.

Please be aware: this product contains small magnets. Care should be taken around implanted devices such as pacemakers and cerebral CSF shunts.

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