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Would you like to hear how the world sounds through Blamey Saunders hearing aids?

This month we’re running FREE 1 Hour Hearing Aid Trials through our Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Link clinics

- until the 31st of August.

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Receive a FREE year’s supply of batteries

We’re giving away a one year* supply of batteries to everyone who buys hearing aids in August 2017.

Call us on 1300 443 279 to learn more.

Offer Terms and Conditions

By accepting either of these offers you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1 Hour Free Hearing Aid Trial

The free hearing aid trial lasts for one hour. Hearing aids cannot be taken home without up front payment. The free trial does not include comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment. All other appointments will incur normal costs, as per Clinic Services page.

Free Year's Supply of Batteries

Blamey Saunders will supply you with an estimated one year supply of batteries if you purchase one or two hearing aids during August 2017. The amount of batteries that you receive may last longer or slightly less than one year. This can depend on individual hearing aid use, storage of batteries and conditions that the batteries are stored in. We estimate that 84 batteries will last up to or longer than one year when using two hearing aids. We estimate that 42 batteries will last up to or longer than one year when using one hearing aid. If you return your hearing aid(s) for a refund, you must include all spare parts and any batteries you have received with the order.

Offers valid until the end of August 2017.