SIE Wax Stops (10-pack)

Replacement wax stops for SIE hearing aids


SIE Wax Stops (10-pack) from Blamey Saunders hears
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About this product

Wax buildup is the number one cause of instrument failure; “wax stops” are filters that protect the speaker from wax. We recommend changing wax stops often. This product is supplied free with hearing aid orders; you can order replacements here as needed.

Wax stops are used with Opus-96 and SIE hearing aids, and are not required for Symphony or LOF hearing aids.

How to change wax stops

Watch video instructions on YouTube

Remove the old wax stop: use the blank end of the prong
Three images showing the removal of hearing aid wax stop

Inserting new: firmly insert the new wax stop on the other end of the prong
Steps to replace hearing aid wax stop