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Phonak Marvel hearing aids focus on what you expect from world-leading technology—a clear, rich sound experience. Connect them to your Bluetooth devices to enjoy exceptional audio streaming and convenient hands-free phone calls.

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FAQs about buying Marvel online

With Blamey Saunders Hears, you can buy Marvel hearing aids online and have them set up remotely.

We’ve compiled a list of questions you might ask. Please contact us for more information.

Is buying Marvel online the right choice for me?

Marvel online is suitable for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss that’s similar in both ears. You’ll also need a smartphone or tablet compatible with the MyPhonak app.

We can help you figure out if buying Marvel online is right for you. Simply take our free online test or email your current hearing report (audiogram) to Or, contact us for an in-depth discussion over the phone.

Do I need to make an appointment to have my Marvels set up?

When you buy online from Blamey Saunders Hears, your Marvel hearing aids arrive ready-to-wear using your recent hearing report.

If your report shows that your hearing falls outside a mild to moderate range, we will request that you come into a clinic for comprehensive set up and tuning.

Can you fine-tune my Marvels remotely?

We offer free setting reviews to ensure that you’re getting the very best results from your Marvel hearing aids. We can conduct these over phone or video call via the MyPhonak app.

Please be aware that we’ll ask you to come and see us in clinic if your hearing loss falls outside a mild to moderate range.

How do I access remote support for my Phonak Marvel hearing aids?

You can talk to your clinician face to face through the MyPhonak app. All you need to do is sign up! It’s quite straight forward and feels like a Skype or a Facetime call.

Can I make my own adjustments to my Marvel hearing aids?

You can! Download the MyPhonak app to make discreet adjustments on-the-go. You can also make manual volume and program changes using the rocker switch on the side of your Marvel hearing aids.