SIE-64 Plus Hearing Aid Package

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SIE-64 Plus Hearing Aid Package from Blamey Saunders hears
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About this hearing aid

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Using industry leading technology found in the bionic ear, the SIE-64 masterfully produces stunning, natural sound. Listening comfort is enhanced with 64 channels of high quality sound processing, and voices become crystal clear, even in background noise. The SIE-64 is so discreet most people won't notice you're wearing it, and we dare say you won't either.

Now New and Improved!

The SIE-64, now the SIE-64 Plus, has been updated to achieve longer battery life, improved feedback cancellation, improved wind noise protection, easier to use volume control, faster programming times, and ultra-high fidelity audio.

The SIE-64 Plus uses one of the world’s most powerful digital signal processing chips. The new chip can achieve an input dynamic range of 110 dB, which approaches the normal dynamic range of the human ear.


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