Symphony Hearing Aid Package

Economical and easy to handle.


Symphony Hearing Aid Package from Blamey Saunders hears
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Hearing aid prices are for a full system with everything you need.

We also provide ongoing phone support provided by our audiologists, and like all our products we include our IHearYou® system so you can manage the settings yourself or we can remotely change anything on request.

About this hearing aid

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Our most affordable hearing aid, the LOF is now even better equipped to handle the listening situations you encounter everyday. We’ve named it ‘Symphony’ because it will have you more in tune with the world around you. And, despite all the upgrades, there’s no price increase. That alone should be music to your ears…

With the Symphony, you can expect:

What’s new?

Environmental noise management

Recognises and reduces constant noises around you, like the buzz of traffic or a crowded room, so you can more easily identify and understand speech.

Wind noise management

Helps you carry a conversation in windy environments, and reduces wind noise when you’re out walking or riding a bike.

Impulse noise suppression

Minimises sudden loud sounds, like a door slamming or cutlery rattling, so that speech understanding and listening comfort are maintained.

Voice prompts

Notifies you when your battery is running low and confirms program changes with a verbal cue through the hearing aid.

Microphone configuration update

Allows for improved identification of background noise, to help you better separate speech from noisy environments.


What’s included