Find out if our hearing aids are right for you with this simple test. Take test.

How to read your test results

The graph (Infogram®) is a visual representation of your current hearing ability. The number of words, consonants and vowels you heard correctly is related to the degree of difficulty you have hearing speech in quiet environments.

Learn more about your results by reading our Speech Feature glossary.

If you took the test without hearing aids

44 words or more correct indicates that your hearing is good in quiet. People who score in this range may still have difficulty in background noise, and in this case may benefit significantly from using hearing aids in noisy situations.

Less than 44 words correct indicates that you may have a hearing loss. You would benefit from hearing aids, both in quiet and in noisy situations.

Deciphering the Infogram®

The bars in the graph show the percentage of information correctly heard for specific types of speech sounds. Lower pitch sounds are on the left, higher pitch sounds are on the right.

If you took the test with hearing aids

Take the test again unaided to measure the benefit your hearing aids provide. Make sure you’re using speakers for both tests, not headphones, and don’t change the volume.

The number of errors with the aids on should be about half the number of errors in the unaided test. If not, contact us to discuss your settings.

If your results aren’t what you expected

Have you checked your speaker volume?

You may score better by taking the test again using good-quality headphones or by taking it in a quieter environment.

Is Australian English your native language?

This test was recorded in Australian English so you may score lower than you expected if this is not your native language.

Do you have a single-sided hearing loss?

Please contact us if you think your hearing loss is different in each ear.