The Speech Perception Test (SPT) can be completed one ear at a time, or with both ears together. It is designed to be listened to at a comfortable sound level. If the level you listened to it at was too loud or soft, then you should take it again at normal conversational level (ask someone with good hearing to set it up).

If you did the test without wearing hearing aids

If you completed the SPT at a typical conversational level without hearing aids, the number of words correct tells you directly what difficulties you are having in conversation (the Infogram®). The scientists at Blamey Saunders can also convert the results into a predicted audiogram (beep test) result.

The bars in the Infogram® graph show the percentage of information correctly heard for specific types of speech sounds. Lower frequency sounds are on the left, higher frequency sounds are on the right.

If you did the test while wearing hearing aids

If the SPT was done while wearing hearing aids, comparison of the aided and unaided results performed at the same level will demonstrate the benefit of the hearing aids.