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Photograph of an Opus hearing aid

Opus uses 96 output channels on a sophisticated sound processor to provide crisp, natural sound in even the most challenging listening environments. Multi-channel adaptive directional microphone technology reduces multiple sounds of differing frequencies at once, making it easier for users to separate speech from background noise.

Opus technical spec sheet (PDF)

Opus is on the Hearing Services Program partially subsidised list. Listed as a category 2 device.


Photograph of an LOF hearing aid

Symphony is our most affordable option for mild to moderately severe hearing losses. It uses 32 channels and advanced features to enhance speech understanding and listening comfort. Its shell is larger than our other models, for easy handling.

Symphony technical spec sheet (PDF)


Photograph of a Facett hearing aid

Facett is a completely new kind of hearing aid, designed to increase usability and decrease stigma. It’s made of two components – the core runs advanced features on a powerful chipset, and the module powers the core with a rechargeable battery. To activate Facett, users hold the core and module close together. Everything just ‘clicks’ into place.

Facett technical spec sheet (PDF)

Facett is on the Hearing Services Program partially subsidised list. Listed as a category 2 device.

All hearing aid models use the same advanced core technologies, with either 32 or 64 frequency channels in the sound processing.

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IHearYou® (fitting software)

Please read our detailed guide to using IHearYou software. It’s free to download. All our hearing aids come with the Incus device that connects our hearing aids to the tuning software. Contact us if a client doesn’t have one.

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