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As a broadcaster I am in the hearing business

As a broadcaster I am in the hearing business. Decades of wearing headphones at full blast have wreaked havoc on mine – and set me on the path of ‘road testing’ hearing aids (whoops! Hearing ‘instruments’ as the industry prefers to call them) currently available. These have included models costing in excess of $10,000.

But the design I found most congenial, reliable and wearable cost far, far less than that. They are Blamey Saunders’ basic model. Elaine Saunders and Peter Blamey are to be congratulated for those of us who’ve been turning deaf ears to the world – for a design that, more than any other I’ve tried, are selective in what they proffer to my neurons and synapses. Rather than crude, overall amplification of all-and-sundry sounds I get something comparatively naturalistic and cleverly selective.

Little wonder that many of the audiologists I’ve encountered express hostility to this enterprise of Elaine’s and Peter’s. And it’s why I’ve chosen to make my first-ever product endorsement. In presenting one of Australia’s most complex wireless programs involving countless thousands of interviews on every imaginable topic with the good and the great from all over the world – with interactions of wildly variable technical quality – I’ve every reason to be very grateful for the professional collaboration of Professor B and Dr S.

Signed: Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams AO, NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Customer service has been 5 stars!

I’d like to take a moment to say THANK YOU. This whole experience has gone above and beyond expectations.

1st thank you for providing a cheaper option in hearing aids. Not only was it cheaper per hearing aid but there was a great discount for buying 2. Without these savings I’d have never been able to afford them. There is no help for the middle bracket of society. Being 32y I’m not ‘young’ enough or of pension age to receive financial assistance for hearing aids. You’ve done this and kept the great quality.

2nd the customer service has been 5 stars! All the staff have been extremely helpful and very patient answering all of my questions. Your email response is very quick, I love the live chat feature. And am extremely impressed that the day the hearing aids were due to arrive (postage was super fast) I got a phone call from the company to assist with the new hearing aids. I can’t express enough how amazing your customer service is!!!

3rd thank you for providing so much in the package. It’s everything I’ll ever need for using them straight away and getting the most out of the hearing aids. (The pdf on how to measure for the length of the tube made the process so much easier.) The information booklets were easy to follow and the IHearYou program is simple to use. (Once I got them connected). I like the way you can program the aids just for me personally.

Because my hearing loss was gradual I didn’t realise how much I was missing out on, little sounds of life, the best thing though has been that I instantly didn’t have to struggle to hear conversation. My husband is very grateful.

Thank you very, very much to all the staff at Blamey Saunders.

Keyomi Minzenmay
Hearing aid experience: New user

In a word: wow!

Hi Rebecca

Just wanted to let you know my impression of my new Opus hearing aids compared to my SIE64 Plus.

In a word: wow!

Much improved clarity.

Definitely better feedback control.

Very much better in a noisy environment.

Today in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie I was standing between two petrol motor driven flood pumps and still able to conduct a conversation. I have quite significant hearing loss from a combination of chainsaws, racing motorbikes and loud, loud music.

I was happy with the SIE Plus which I purchased last year, then I heard about the new model.

I rang to order some retainers and asked how much better the new model was? After some discussion I was offered an upgrade to the new model for a very reasonable price.

The new aids arrived yesterday, settings are all the same as my SIE but what a difference.

I have no hesitation in recommending the upgrade to any of your existing or potential customers.

Outstanding value, outstanding service, outstanding product.

Congratulations Blamey Saunders

Stephen Smith,
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

The aids are marvellous

The aids are marvellous — life seems a bit like an ABC radio play in which the sound effects man has been unwisely encouraged. Chamini took me through testing and fitting with a light hand and I appreciated her realistic appraisal of my condition and the possibilities of using the aids. Now, after 3 days, I almost don’t notice them on my ears. I can hear everything said around the table, or in meetings. So, Blamey Saunders seems everything they hold themselves out to be, which itself is a delight.

David Faggetter
Hearing aid experience: New user

The hearing aids are wonderful

The hearing aids are wonderful. I can hear the ticking of the clock from a distance. My feet crunching on the gravel. Rain on the roof and my dog crunching her food. Such a difference. The difference between your hearing aids and my older conventional type of aids is like chalk and cheese. I work in an office environment and didn't realise how much I was missing. Thank you

Debbie Jones,
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

I can barely describe my delight

I recently visited BlameySaunders where I purchased a pair a wonderful pair of hearing aids. Like most newcomers to this technology I was very hesitant at first, only responding reluctantly to comments from my children and my wife about my poor hearing and the volume at which I set the television sound.

I can barely describe my delight at the experience of my new purchase. Firstly, I spent two hours at BlameySaunders having my hearing tested very comprehensively and professionally; then the hearing aids were programmed for my specific hearing loss and for the situations where I suffered the worst difficulties.

I have been wearing them for the past six weeks from rising to bedtime. My first experience in a noisy café the next day was a revelation: my friend wondered how well the aids were working and I had to confess I was a little disappointed. However, after an hour the hearing aids and my brain had adjusted and I was hearing every word over a noisy lunchtime crowd! I am so pleased with their performance while I am watching television; I could turn the volume down and still understand most of the dialogue in movies— my particular annoyance beforehand.

After thirty days I returned to BlameySaunders where I mentioned a couple of minor problems such as feedback listening to violins and high-pitched musical instruments as well as not being able to properly hear very deep voices on the television. Hedyeh fine tuned the hearing aids and from that day I have not had a single problem. Well, only when the dog barks suddenly a few inches from my ear.

I want others to know how well I am now hearing. It is so good taking part in conversations with a group, no longer having to guess at what was said from across the table! It is wonderful hearing the individual strings on a violin!

Initially, I became interested when a wealthy friend said his BlameySaunders aids were much better than his previous ones for which he paid more than double the cost. Another attractive feature was the fact that I could return my new aids within thirty days for a full refund. Now I continue wearing them because they are so good.

My heartfelt thanks to Hedyeh and the people at BlameySaunders.

Peter Hunter
Hearing aid experience: New user

The best customer service in Australia

I have received my new replacement aids overnight delivery as promised. The best customer service in Australia.

I have been delighted with the Blamey and Saunders customer service since my first encounter. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and they deliver exactly what is promised.

Many thanks
Phil Hart
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Delighted with the SIE-64 Plus hearing aid

Hi folks

Just a note to say how delighted I am with the SIE-64 Plus hearing aid package which I received last Friday – I’ve been using them for 6 days now and haven’t needed to adjust them at all – your programming from my on line test is working perfectly.

I’ve had to ask my wife several times to stop shouting – and I can now listen to and understand TV shows again.

Kind regards,
Merv Richens
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Works like a dream!

Hello Blamey & Saunders,

I did it all on-line with your Speech Perception Test and everything works like a dream !!!

About ten years ago, after local clinical tests, I purchased my first pair of open ended Hearing Aids ("X") and at first they were terrific

After fitting I could hear car-keys jangling in my pocket, sandshoes scraping on the pavement, plus people, birds and all the other sounds around me

Over time my hearing became worse, one aid failed 2 or 3 years ago, while the other became hardly worth wearing at all

Was my hearing loss worsening or can i blame defective aids ???

You can imagine my relief when I first tried those 2 "SIE64 Plus" aids - All sounds are naturally and clearly back again (but this time with 64 channels)

Just to let you know your Website and spoken advice is solid, Postage was quick and the delivery tracking was also worthwhile

Many Thanks
Stan Berryman
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Great to “hear” this

I wholeheartedly support Phillip Adams’ view and comments.

With my hearing progressively getting worse and had to go to an audiologist. I found out my hearing was quite bad and both my family and myself were suffering from it. I also was missing out on things at work. I tried some hearing aids and was astonished by the difference they made to my life and it brought me to tears to what I could hear again. I regret not doing it earlier I was however very upset that I was almost bullied into having to pay $10,000 for a pair of aids.

I subsequently found Blamey and Saunders by searching the internet and have since bought their device. I am more than pleased and the units exceed my expectations as do the extreme professionalism and kindness of all the people I have dealt with at Blamey and Saunders. The icing on the cake was I didn't have to pay $10000 plus more for all the extras.

I think it is great that they are bringing hearing back for an affordable price and showing the bullies of the hearing industry what really matters! Thanks Blamey and Saunders. I now have life after deaf!!

Andrew Gillan
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

My first 24 hours with a hearing aid

I am 68 years of age and have only considered the need for a hearing aid in the last couple of years but I wasn't prepared for the dramatic change to my hearing experience.

I picked up my new hearing aids from Blamey & Saunders in East Melbourne late this afternoon and had already experienced an obvious expansion in my hearing in the fitting room - the shuffling of paper, the sound of footsteps, the sound of my own voice (I felt I was shouting). But the trip back to my city location to meet friends brought my first significant epiphany when I realised that I was hearing the sounds of birds that I haven’t heard for a while. I was suddenly eavesdropping on conversations in the tram and when I sat down with friends for coffee I could hear every word and didn’t have to lip read, despite significant background noise.

Some sounds were startling and a little uncomfortable — the poker machine when I won a jackpot at Crown casino, the walkie talkie on the hip of the cleaning staff, the clatter as a rubbish bin was being emptied. When I started my car for the trip home I could hear the tappets clatter in those micro seconds before the oil fully circulates and my wife had to turn up the car radio so she could hear the news. I could hear it fine all along.

Then when we arrived home, the crunch of the gravel as I walked up the driveway — the stone stuck in my shoe as I walked on our tiled floor in the kitchen — the shuffling of the newspaper as my wife turned the pages. In recent years I have lost things from my pocket — a coin or two, my comb, my reading glasses. But that is not going to happen anymore. I am so much more aware of what is happening around me that any little sound will catch my attention. I thought I only needed hearing aids so I could hear conversations in noisy meeting rooms but I was missing out on a lot more than that. I have made a mental note to wear these aids during all waking hours. Let’s see if I stick to that.

It is a new day and the discoveries continue. I discover that my neighbour has a budgerigar on her back verandah and the discussion with the staff in my local bakery (busy and noisy) is now two way. I can actually hear what they are saying to me instead of just smiling politely. Everything is so much noisier and I have been tempted to turn my hearing aids down but logic tells me that this is the volume I have been missing for quite some time now so I will just gave it a go before I make any adjustments.

Noise tells us a lot, but I hadn’t realised how valuable it is when driving. You can actually hear as well as see other vehicles and……… but hang on — this list could go on and on. These hearing aids had me at bird songs and the rest is really a bonus. I am definitely looking forward to living with hearing aids and learning how they can improve my hearing experience.

……and did I mention the snap of celery and the sizzle of the BBQ.

Greg Smith
Hearing aid experience: New user

Professor IHearYou now

I have inherited early-onset hearing loss, which was diagnosed some seven years ago when it reached the point at which I was just starting to struggle with finer distinctions in sound. I’m a (semi-retired) professor of information systems and, at that time, was still coordinating and teaching several under-graduate & honours units — and finding it difficult to hear student questions. I’d developed some cute tricks to hide my hearing difficulties, but they were not entirely successful and I decided the time had come to purchase hearing aids.

I was persuaded to purchase a $10,000 pair of European hearing aids which were totally unsatisfactory from the very beginning: they were very uncomfortable (I have very narrow ear canals); made extraneous sounds painfully loud, requiring me to leave the room every time my husband used the coffee machine (!); and kept breaking down. And the after-sales service on these extremely expensive items was so inadequate that, eventually, the aids ended up living in a drawer.

I then struggled on for years with slowly deteriorating hearing which was, nonetheless, just good enough for me to get by. I toyed with the idea of purchasing Blamey Saunders hearing aids for about a year after learning of their existence, but my previous experience had been so very disappointing that I kept shying away from actually making the decision. In the meantime, I’d stopped teaching, but had taken on a fairly substantial amount of committee work of one sort or another — including chairing a human research ethics committee — and was starting to find it difficult to hear what all my colleagues were saying.

So, finally, I made the decision to purchase a pair of Blamey Saunders SIE‑64 aids. Why, oh why, didn't I do this five years ago? They are a total success! The sound quality provided is so much better than my former hearing aids that there is simply no comparison. And the support I’ve received (entirely by email, chat and phone) from Blamey Saunders staff has been outstanding! It turned out that my unusually long, narrow ears required longer tube/speaker combinations than I had ordered: no problem, they arrived 2 days later by mail and I switched out the speakers in less than 2 minutes!

All I can really say is: thank you so much! Being able to hear properly once more has changed my life :)

Professor Paula Swatman
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Music has regained its sparkle

I am a retired electronics engineer with a mild to moderate age-related hearing loss. I was finding it difficult to follow the speech of some of our friends and my wife was beginning to mumble. Music had lost its sparkle. For several reasons I was reluctant to resort to hearing aids –

  1. I have very narrow ear canals and felt there would be a problem fitting them.
  2. I am a critical listener of hi-fi sound reproduction and was sure that hearing aids would degrade the audible quality.
  3. I have several friends who paid around $10,000 for hearing aids only to abandon them in a drawer.
  4. The above friends complained that the aids “blocked their ears”, were uncomfortable to wear or amplified background noise too much.

After seeing a news item on Channel 9 recently about the Blamey & Saunders “Do it yourself hearing aid system” I decided to take the plunge and purchase a pair of their SIE-64 (“Speaker in Ear”) hearing aid. This proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. My reservations and procrastination to acquire hearing aids turned out to be completely unjustified –

  1. My narrow ear canals were not a problem with the SIE-64 aids as a range of soft plastic tips was provided to suit all canal sizes. No ear moulds were necessary.
  2. The sound quality of music, far from being distorted, has actually improved and I now hear detail that I had not realised was missing.
  3. These aids are a bargain compared to others.
  4. Due to the “Open Fit” design of the aids there is no sensation of “things in my ears” after only a short time wearing them.

Visits to an audiologist were not needed. Using my laptop computer I was able to do a free on-line hearing test followed by the purchase and prompt delivery of the aids. Next I downloaded free software from the Net for programming the aids to suit my specific hearing loss. All this without leaving our lounge room!

The documentation and supplementary items provided are excellent and anyone who is computer literate can easily adjust their hearing aids for optimum performance. For those not feeling confident of doing this, or wish to have questions answered, prompt and courteous assistance is available from the staff via phone or email.

I am completely rapt with these hearing aids which have exceeded my expectations in all respects. Conversation is now crystal clear, music has regained its sparkle – and my wife no longer mumbles.

Max Albiston
Hearing aid experience: New user

Music is simply marvellous

Just a brief message to say I had one of your hearing aids fitted on Monday morning, just after coming out of hospital after my major knee operation.

I was taken to an ACO concert that evening in Hamer Hall. I have NEVER heard the individual instruments so clearly before after some 12 years with Siemens hearing aids. It was simply marvellous!

It is about half the cost of the top of the range international products with which it compares on quality VERY well. Congratulations on all you have achieved.

David Penington, VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Complete satisfaction

I am writing this to express my complete satisfaction following my visit yesterday to Blamey Saunders at their Albert Street Clinic in Melbourne.

I have had my previous Aids for about 6 years and had lost one of them in the garden so decided to seek new aids. I visited a hearing clinic and following tests was advised that to purchase new aids (top of the range) would cost me in excess of $10,000. I decided to try Blamey Saunders as I had heard their advertising and had checked them out on the internet. As I did not feel confident in setting them up on my computer I made an appointment. I was thoroughly tested and the aids were set for me by the Audiologist.

I am delighted with the result and am hearing things I have not heard for years, paper rustling, bird sounds, etc. My wife is also delighted as I can now hear her clearly. I can hardly believe the improvement and wish to thank the staff at Albert Street for their friendly attention, and have no hesitation to recommending this Clinic and the standard of aids provided at such a reasonable cost. THANK YOU BLAMEY SAUNDERS.

David Walpole
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

I felt I owed it to my patients to hear and understand

I viewed the endorsement of Philip Adams and agree with his remarks. His experience is similar to my own, although I didn’t deny my deafness. I am retired now, but as a registered nurse, I felt I owed it to my patients as well as fellow health workers to hear and understand what was being said.

My initial hearing aids were supplied by audiologists who were situated within the hospital where I worked (alas, no discount). As my hearing continued to deteriorate the aids needed frequent adjustments which were usually minimally effective. I asked was it possible to obtain hardware and software to enable me to make my own adjustments. This approach was rebuffed. On my last visit the aids were again adjusted and a different in ear accessory installed. That afternoon I was discussing a patient’s condition with a doctor. To my embarrassment I found that it seemed he was speaking a foreign language. This experience led to a web search which in turn led me to you. My original aids cost me $9000 and I was never really satisfied. Yours are much less, and the ability to self manage proved just what I needed.

This goes with my thanks and good wishes. Keep up your good work.

Ian Fisher
Hearing aid experience: experienced user

I thank the management of Blamey Saunders hears for engaging such quality people

Blamey Saunders Hears

I don’t believe there could be an organisation who provides a higher level of service and technical support than yours. My purchase details for a pair of hearing aids was submitted, online, from NSW on a Sunday evening. This, I felt meant I could not expect to receive them until mid-week. They arrived on the following Tuesday.

More importantly, the Bluetooth computer adapter would not recognise the Incus device. I had to relent and contacted technical support. Throughout the whole episode I was treated with respect, patience and understanding. Support staff it seemed, initially were perplexed as to why my computer would not submit to their efforts. The solution was found when control of the computer was handed to the support staff and they could then track their actions.

Although, for me, this commenced as a traumatic ordeal it was an insightful experience to deal with people, from the computer world who, as I said were personable, understanding considerate of my position and at no time displayed any hint of superiority.

I thank the management of Blamey Saunders hears for engaging such quality people. My heartfelt appreciation, is obviously extended to the wonderful people, who solved my problems for me.

I am now able to hear sounds I had almost forgotten existed. It was with reluctance, to the point of avoidance, that I resisted going to shopping centres, movies or indeed anywhere there was likely to be a gathering of people creating a cacophony of background noise. My wife must have felt depleted having to continually attempt to conduct conversations while simultaneously translating progress for me. Last Melbourne Cup was the first time I had attended such a party, for many years without feeling isolated and assaulted by undefined noises.
The experience was uplifting and totally enjoyable. Being a part of the party is far superior to be a confused observer.

Thank you all again.

Hearing aid experience: New user

Your technology is far superior to my previous hearing aids

Having ordered my hearing aids on Monday afternoon, I was very surprised when they arrived at 10:00am yesterday. The clarity of these hearing aids is excellent — I am hearing sounds very clearly and my husband says I’ve stopped shouting at him. I’m looking forward to setting up extra programs.

Your technology is far superior to my previous hearing aids.

Thank you.

Judy Kingwell
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Overwhelmed by the crystal clarity and “surround sound”

14 November 2014

Ms Hedyeh Jabbarkhani
Blamey Saunders
364 Albert Street
East Melbourne 3002

Dear Ms Jabbarkhani,

My recent purchase and fitting of Blamey Saunders hearing aids.

I am writing to express my satisfaction with the aids prescribed and fitted under your care, and with the top class service I have received from Blamey Saunders throughout.

As a long term hearing aid user of now 19 years, I have been very impressed by my present aids, which have been a very substantial improvement on my previous series of aids offered me by my previous audiologist. In fact, after being told by them fairly recently, that nothing could realistically be offered me to improve my hearing condition – even with more powerful and significantly more expensive aids, than the equipment I then had. I fortunately then decided to follow up on a recommendation from two other acquaintances, and arrange an appointment with Blamey Saunders.

I have been truly impressed by the very professional and caring approach taken in my initial consultations at Blamey Saunders and am so pleased with my decision to go ahead with a trial of the recommended aids. In fact, during the consultation for supply and fitting of my new aids, I was quite overwhelmed by the crystal clarity and “surround sound” nature of what I was hearing, when the aids were first switched on – truly a quantum leap from the sound I had been experiencing from all my previous aids!

I can definitely say that my life has undergone a substantial improvement, now that I am using my present aids. I no longer have to constantly ask my wife to repeat herself, and I find I am even asking her to turn down the volume on our TV when watching programmes together. I have given up entirely the use of wireless earphones I had been using, to avoid disturbing others when watching TV, due to the high sound volume I had found necessary to assist my understanding of the screen dialogue.

As well, I am finding my comprehension of others in crowded and noisy environments, much improved and the wind noise suppression features of my aids, when riding my push bike regularly, are greatly improved over all my previous aids.

I recognise that I have had the very useful option of self-tuning of my aids, via a programme and equipment supplied by Blamey & Saunders. However I have opted to access the services offered in house for the tuning & fitting process and have felt very satisfied with the caring and thoroughly professional way in which my needs have been attended to. I will be very pleased to use these services when needed at any future stage.

One final point, is that my new aids have cost substantially less to buy (by several thousands of dollars) than the upgrade equipment I had been offered by my former audiologist and am indeed impressed by the philosophy of the firm in seeking to provide top quality equipment at a most affordable price.

Once again, my sincere thanks for the chance of greatly improving my current lifestyle, with my new aids.

Yours Sincerely,

Roger Stevenson
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

My wife tells me I don’t shout as much which makes her very happy

Thank you for sending the hearing aids in October. They arrived safely and we were kept well informed of the progress of the order.

I have now been using these hearing aids for one month. These are the first hearing aids I have purchased so I can make no comparisons. However, I am delighted with the improvements to my hearing. Music sounds clearer and the instruments more distinct. Bird calls are particularly more noticeable and I didn't realise how much noise I made just turning the newspaper pages! The volume of the television is now much lower and my wife tells me I do not shout as much which makes her very happy. At restaurants or dinner parties I rarely have to ask people to repeat what they have said.

I have made just a minor change to the original setup and I found this easy to do on the computer.

Many thanks for your prompt help and service and for the quality of your product.

Kind regards
Barry Bidwell
Hearing aid experience: New user

Wow! Will have to get used to the shamelessly loud chirping of all the birds

Superfast Service, Exceptional Support and Quality Hearing Aids that do not cost the Earth and can be fine-tuned at home!


My previous audiologist with whom I have spent some 18K during the past 14 years could not even fit me in for an appointment on two separate days that would have suited this customer (and I live 180km from the city in which he plies his trade).

Now busy listening to all the JATP recordings and pleased to say I can again enjoy the wonderful sounds produced by the likes of giants like Lester Young & Coleman Hawkins between 1944 and 1953.

Will have to get used to the shamelessly loud chirping of all the birds in the garden and the crackling of plastic shopping bags however.

That is how good these B&S Hearing Aids are.

Andrew Wyminga
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Had my LOF hearing aids for 20 days…am now very happy with them

I have now had my LOF hearing aids for 20 days.

After some initial problems in the first week, I am now very happy with them. I would like to thank Eliza in particular, who initially helped programme my hearing aids and sorted out the intermittent problems by replacing one hearing aid.

Yours faithfully
Gregory Tomlinson
Hearing aid experience: New user

Great for travelling

I purchased my hearing aid around six months ago and it is great travel into some of Australia’s remote deserts and to be able to adjust it and set up special programme is a wonderful feature.

The first problem that I faced was feedback when flies flew past and I was able to stop this happening. I have set up trials on the custom programme until I am happy then set it up on the everyday programme. When I save up a bit more I will purchase a second one.

I have now disposed of aids that I had previously and never used for more than a month or so.

David Lloyd
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Hands down, the best hearing aids I’ve ever had

USPS delivered my new Blamey Saunders Hears hearing aids last Tuesday, and I’ve been wearing them for a week. They are, hands down, the best hearing aids I’ve ever had.

Straight out of the box it was clear that they needed adjusting. They were too loud, and they had feedback. So I attached them to my computer as instructed, and simply followed the directions. In less than an hour I had made my first adjustments. I was amazed at the clarity.

Since then I have adjusted them one more time. I can’t believe how simple it is to adjust them any way I want.

I’m not sure what the technical differences are between my last two sets of hearing aids and these new ones, but I think one major difference is that I tune these myself. The software, IHearYou, is pretty remarkable when you consider how well it does its job.

I will never again have to rely on an audiologist to test my hearing, or adjust the settings on my hearing aids. Who could adjust hearing aids to my preferences better than I? Nobody. Duh!

Marion Daly
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Over the moon

I purchased a pair of hearing aids from you three weeks ago and I am over the moon with the result and have been singing your praises ever since.

I know your claim of competitive prices is genuine as I had just had a quote from the local hearing people. I know that one of my friends has already been to see you and I have another two on the cusp.

Just for what it is worth on the day of my afternoon appointment I was speaking to a friend (whose wife had just paid over twice as much as I was quoted for aids) about your product and his answer was, “You get what you pay for, there are hearing aids and hearing aids.” I thought he was a bit rude but I got the last laugh.

These could not be better.

Thank you B & S

Lynne MacDonald
Hearing aid experience: New user

Delighted in the benefits

Even though I am a first time hearing aid purchaser, one year on I have delighted in the benefits on having hearing aids. They are great. Mine were pretty basic but the ability to hear is so much improved.

Price was definitely a factor in being able to bring hearing aids in to my daily life, both personally (deafening others with loud TV!) and work where they had to tap me on the shoulder to engage me in conversation/meetings.

As a 53 years old, I can’t thank you enough. I love the 200 decibel (just joking) sound of birds when I first put my hearing aids in in the morning — incredible!

Hearing aid experience: New user

My wife is happy

I received my hearing aids very promptly after placing my order and after a few adjustments to volumes etc, am finding them excellent. I will not be returning them and for this, my wife is very happy.

Graham Smith
Hearing aid experience: New user

I have directional hearing again

Just a short note to say that your hearing aids are the best I have had so far. These are my third set but the first from you. There was an initial problem in that the settings on the aids when they arrived were not suitable with the upper 2 frequencies far too loud. But by using the IHearYou® program I was easily able to adjust them. I am not sure why the settings were wrong as I sent you my audio test and did you online one. Being able to adjust them myself is the main reason I bought your aids. I was also impressed by the technology and that you are involved with cochlear implants.

Once adjusted the sound quality is so much better, with a clearer and cleaner sound, then my previous (and more expensive) aids. One of the first things I noticed was that I could hear in stereo, meaning I could hear someone approach from one side, walk past and depart on the other side. I didn’t even realise I had lost this. What this means to me is that I have directional hearing again, where as before it was hard to tell where a sound was coming from. Conversation is much easier particularly when there are lots of people talking, like restaurants and parties. The aids are better at focusing the sound from the person I am facing but also still able to pick up those near by. This is a major improvement and is a lot closer to normal hearing.

Thanks for making better hearing aids and making them easy to get exactly the right sounds.

Ross Bliim
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

A special gift of hearing

I’m writing to you to thank you very much for giving me a very special gift. My name is Victoria and I am 36 years old. 8 years ago after the birth of my second daughter I contracted an overwhelming infection and was treated with gentomycin. When I returned home from hospital almost 2 weeks later I noticed I was turning the television up much louder and couldn’t hear the clock ticking so I went to an audiologist and was diagnosed with a moderate hearing loss probably resulting from the antibiotics I’d had in hospital. I was offered hearing aids but simply could not afford the $8000 asking price.

The following 8 years have been a constant struggle just to hear what my children were saying to me and simple pleasures like birds chirping and the cats bell jingling were erased from my memory. Until I stumbled upon your website… With nothing to lose I ordered a pair of hearing aids, then suddenly panicked that I’d handed over the best part of 4 thousand dollars to a company I’d never heard of and didn’t know!! That was on Friday. Today, just 1 business day later a miracle arrived in the form of a little box. The miracle of being able to hear my two youngest children like I’ve never heard them before because I lost my hearing before they were even born, hearing a truck drive past and the indicator ticking in the car. Such silly, insignificant noises that I have to learn what they are all over again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to hear again. To go out for tea tonight with my family and be able to hear them around the table and to hear that little voice say “mummy” clearly for the first time in 8 years. But above all for doing it in an affordable way with such fantastic and prompt service. I really can’t express what this means to me as I just couldn’t afford $8000 no matter how important it was. Thank you for everything you given me back. I really want you to know how much what you are doing matters to people like me. I’m sure I’ll be a regular customer from now on!

Victoria Jones
Hearing aid experience: New user

Extremely impressed

After such a pleasant and successful experience with your organisation I referred two friends! Thought that you would like to know that they were extremely impressed with the care the staff showed to them and also for the product. Both are very satisfied as am I.

Marie Docherty, ACT
Hearing aid experience: New user

Sound is so natural

I have the less common type of hearing loss where I can’t hear mid-low frequencies but am fine with the high frequencies. For decades I’ve struggled with finding aids that would actually help rather than hinder my hearing. Most hearing aids are designed with the majority in mind, and so are inflexible with catering to other types of hearing loss like mine. Then about a year ago, I discovered the SIE-64 hearing aids from Blamey Saunders.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I learnt about the specifications that the SIE-64 had on board for its price. For the same price as my frustratingly useless hearing aids from another well known brand, I suddenly had something in my hands that was superior to other top of the range models. All of a sudden I finally had access to hearing aids that were capable of adjusting to my type of hearing loss. The IHearYou® program gave me ultimate power. Instead of the multiple frustrating visits to an audiologist that I used to have to do, I could now make tweaks to my aids, go and test them for a day, and then make more changes as needed straight away! This meant that within two weeks, I had customised my own hearing aids to suit me perfectly. This is all within the comfort of my own home, without appointment time limits and I was allowed to be as fussy as I wanted. Having the fantastic customer support and expertise of the Blamey Saunders team via email allowed me to complete the process easily.

For people out there with reverse-slope hearing loss, the biggest game changer that the SIE-64 gives us, is the ability to use an open-ear design. The majority of hearing aids on the market aren’t able to use an open ear for us, due to inferior feedback prevention technology. To achieve the required amplification in the low-med frequencies for us, most hearing aids will require a closed design (full ear mould). This comes at the cost of cutting out the natural sound that we already hear. Not so with the Blamey Saunders SIE-64s which allow us to hear both the natural sound already coming to our ears, and also the amplified sound from the aid.

I think the best way to explain the difference between all the aids I’ve tried in the past and these SIE-64s, is like going from hearing the world via a cheap walkie talkie radio, to all of a sudden hearing everything in CD quality.

The SIE-64s have a great automatic program setting but I’ve also set my SIE-64s to have different programs that I can use in challenging hearing situations. If I’m in a lecture and people behind me are making a lot of noise, I can switch to one of the program settings that focuses just on sound in front of me. My brain no longer gets distracted trying to work out all the sounds and I can hear the speaker so much better.

I found the SIE-64s to be really comfortable to use and surprisingly didn’t take long to adjust and get used to them. The sound is so natural that I forget I’m wearing hearing aids and my brain doesn’t feel overloaded when using them. I wish that I had discovered Blamey Saunders years ago, to save me all the struggling and trouble I went through. It’s fantastic to see this sort of technology and support being made available to more people. I now have two very happy ears!

Steve, Melbourne VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Clear group conversation

My new hearing aid works very well. I spent the weekend getting used to “hearing things” and understanding what was being said on the television without having to guess and fill in the gaps. A bit of a novel experience. The sound is very clear over all frequencies and in group conversation. I also like the compact size of the hearing aids, and the unobtrusive speaker-in-ear.

Thank you very much for all of the assistance given to me: it is very much appreciated.

Peter Meiklejohn, QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Wonderful service

I felt compelled to write to you thanking you for the wonderful service that your firm has given me since purchasing my hearing aids some 2 years ago.

Your professionalism is very refreshing in these days of mediocrity and your staff are ever so helpful.

Your technician really knows his stuff when it comes to fine tuning the hearing aids because of the lack of my computer skills.

Not only are your hearing aids extremely price competitive but they are also of high quality.

Once again many thanks and keep up the good work.

Peter Melzer, WA
Hearing aid experience: New user

I can hear all the nuances

A very big heart felt THANK YOU. For the first time in 20 years I can HEAR classical music, all the notes, all the textures, all the nuances.

I went to the Hamer Hall on Monday night to hear the ACO, and the difference in my hearing compared to my previous aid was just amazing. I knew it would be, as I had been playing their CDs in my car and for the first time realised why the ACO is so highly acclaimed (and also why Bose is such a good sound system).

But there's more good news… I can hear conversation in cafes and restaurants with great clarity. No more leaning forward try to catch snippets of conversation — I get it all!

They are also very comfortable and I am no longer aware that I have a device in my ears.

Just wonderful, thank you. Please publish my review. I am telling all my friends in Probus, many of whom have hearing aids.

Roy Bennett, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Loving it

I’ve been using my new hearing aid for a week now. I love it… It’s practically invisible, feather light, easy to use. I’ve stopped saying “Sorry. What did you say again?”

Thank you.

Olma Mignacca, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Having a wonderful time hearing

I would like to thank you for your prompt attention to my order. My hearing aids arrived the day after I placed the order — exceptional service.

On fitting them I was surprised at how well they fitted and the clarity of the sounds around me. I actually turned down the volume! My wife said that I was like a little kid hearing for the first time. Unlike my previous aids, I can hear a massive difference when I remove the Blamey Saunders Hears units, I wish that I had discovered your system before spending outrageous amounts of money with my first provider.

I am currently experimenting and am having a wonderful time hearing the forgotten sounds and new ones like the keys on the computer!

Extremely happy, I wish you well with your future endeavours, thanks again.

Colin, SA
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Delighted with my purchase and freedom

I have two of your SIE-64 Hearing Aids, and whilst they are less than 24 hours old, I simply must write of my experience.

I was blown away with the care and treatment I received. I have worn what I would call ‘in ear’ hearing aids for about a dozen years, and having recently lost one needed to look at the replacement of same. I am an avid listener to 3AW, which is where I first heard of you. HOW LUCKY AM I! For the first time in recent memory I do not even feel I have any hearing aids, and THEY WORK. My immediate reaction when I stepped outside was NO WIND NOISE, something that with my ‘in ear’ aids, drove me to the point of removing them in any windy situation. Like playing golf for example, I rarely ever wore my other hearing aids.

Another even more constant and tedious annoyance of my other hearing aids, was having to remove the right one EVERY TIME I used the phone, and in a very busy office the right one was out more than it was in, so often I would take a call, remove the aid, end the call, then go and talk to a colleague, only to realise my right aid was still sitting on my desk.

Those who have never worn ‘in ear’ aids would not understand my complete sense of freedom with your open fit hearing aids, and to say the least I am completely and utterly delighted with my purchase, a purchase less than FIFTY (50) PERCENT of what I have worn for those past dozen years.

Last thing, because they are so comfortable and as I do not feel like I am even wearing any aids, last night at the dinner table I had them on. (Normally I removed my other hearing aids the minute I get into the car to head home). Dinner chat with my wife and daughters usually means I have to ask them to repeat themselves. Last night, something was said to which I responded, my daughters laughed, and I asked “what is so funny?” – they answered “you are not normally able to hear, so getting an immediate response is funny in a way!”

So, thanks to all who helped me, thanks for giving me hearing that I realise I have not had for some years.

Laurie, Moorabbin VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

A new and more enjoyable lease of life

My hearing aids have arrived. I spoke to my wife, who has a soft voice, and heard her with greater clarity than previously. I was standing in our back garden and a little breeze rustled the bamboo leaves in my neighbour’s yard and I commented to her that I’ve never heard that before. She was impressed.

Playing some orchestral choral music near the computer I immediately noticed far more brilliance and clarity in the female singers’ voices. With TV I think I will need subtitles far less. Strangely, many extraneous sounds from the garden and street are less intrusive. The late afternoon screeching of our visiting cockatoos is nowhere near as shattering but our pendulum clock is far, far quieter — not that I need to hear it — but at the moment I’m trying to come to grips with the changed (and pleasant) aural gradients.

It seems to be that my hearing will have a new and more enjoyable lease of life and I feel somewhat excited. And they are infinitely more comfortable to wear! I am barely noticing them in my ears!

Your aids have in fact taken me back some forty years to when I heard musical instruments and voices really well. Most enjoyable! So far so good, and I thank you all for your service.

Peter Waller, NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Fabulous service

You have fabulous service, great communication and I don’t know why anyone would buy their hearing aids from anywhere else!

Peter Mumby, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

The difference is staggering

I am staggered by the difference my hearing aids have made! As a 72 year old retired electronics engineer I was somewhat sceptical of the claims made about some hearing aid technology. Also as a member of Probus (a club for retirees) I had heard plenty of complaints. I have suffered from tinnitus for some years and was suspicious that the high pitched whistle I could hear was exacerbated by my loss of high frequencies.

I then spent about a year researching what was available (my wife called it procrastinating!). I gradually accumulated a lot of technical papers to evaluate the various claims. I’d been in the audience for (and remembered) the New Inventors programme on TV and was impressed by the ADRO® concept. I was even more impressed that one could programme the aids oneself. Having attended an audiologist appointment with a friend who was having problems with his aids, I was very sceptical that it took an “expert” to set one’s aids to the “right” settings.

I decided that if the ADRO® concept was OK for the processing in the cochlear device then it must have something going for it. Also, as these would be my first hearing aids, I wasn’t going to spend a fortune in case (like so many people) they ended up in a drawer!

I sent Blamey Saunders my audiogram, and when my hearing aids arrived I put them straight in. I was determined to wear them every day from when I got up in the morning till I went to bed. Many people make the mistake of only wearing their aids for “special occasions”.

Like most people, I was surprised to hear the sounds I’d gradually lost as my hearing had deteriorated. All of a sudden I could hear a clock ticking and birds singing outside the house. Sounds were much more clearly defined. The next day I set the programmer up and adjusted the equalizer sliders to be more balanced. I then got my wife to adjust our TV until the sound was right for her on a discussion programme (since voices are for me the most important sounds) and I then adjusted the volume in each aid to be equal and comfortable for me. This whole process took less than fifteen minutes. I then set up the T-coil programme and experimented with the noisy environment programme. It was all very simple and straightforward.

In the evening we went to our grandson’s Graduation Ceremony. Voices were so much clearer though very loud (my wife confirmed this wasn’t due to the hearing aids!) but I was surprised it wasn’t uncomfortably loud. By day three I was virtually unaware that I had hearing aids, so much so that when I felt the need to scratch my ear, I was surprised to feel the lead going into my ear! A couple of months later and I see the batteries are lasting a bit over a week. Most of the time I use the everyday setting. I have tried the T-coil in a cinema (only to find it was being repaired), but it worked well in another location. I’ve also used the Noisy setting a few times.

Last night we went to a performance of Handel’s Messiah in the Sydney Opera House. I was very impressed by the improvement in the clarity of the voices and the “crispness” of the sound. The fact that I’m now totally unaware of the aids is surely testament to their effectiveness.

Rob Cooper B.Sc. (Eng), MIET, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

I am hearing sounds which I hadn't heard for a long time

The hearing aids you sent me arrived this morning and I am wearing them as I type. They are comfortable and fit perfectly. I had no difficulty with the sound equalisation or the volume adjustment.

They are delightful. I am hearing sounds which I hadn't heard for a long time. The sound of the keyboard keys, for example, as I type. The sound of my shoes on the carpet. The sounds of riffled paper as I loaded the printer this afternoon.

My wife and the TV sound different and remarkably better than they did before.

Please express my appreciation to Dr Saunders and Prof Blamey. I am grateful to Silicon Chip magazine for bringing your company to my attention.

Many thanks

John Muller, WA
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Part of family conversation again

I received my hearing aids this morning and cannot believe the speed with which they have arrived only having ordered them yesterday.

I am also amazed at the smallness of the hearing aids and the tiny tubes. I am using them as sent to me, and already I am hearing noises such as the tapping of the computer keys that I have not heard for some time.

Having tested the hearing aids out on my son-in-law, I already feel that I will have a much greater social repartee with my family. The hearing aids are almost unnoticeable and I am sure that in time I will not be aware of their presence.

Many thanks

Lorna Barnett, NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Wonderful new sounds

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my query. I can confirm I was able to launch the IHearYou® program successfully and the automatic update was available to me. Consequently I was able to make the desired adjustments for both left and right ear devices.

I am sure you would understand how pleasant it is for a 90 year old “live alone” to receive such service from you! My immediate impression is one of “wonder” at the new, long forgotten sounds which are now available to me, after having worn the SIE 64 hearing aids for only 4 hours. Having now used the SIE 64 hearing aids for several weeks under varying conditions I am very pleased with the results. Bird call sounds have astonished me, the clear sound of water falling, the sharpness of paper rustling are all novel. Several of my friends who had seen the “New Inventors” program have expressed interest in the SIE 64 hearing aids, and hopefully they will make enquiries directly with Blamey and Saunders.

Many thanks to you and staff who have assisted with my purchase.

Keith Montague, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Crystal clear sound

Last weekend I went camping in the scrub with my brothers. I took my Blamey and Saunders hearing aids with me for the purpose of fitting them on my older brother. Well, you should have seen the smile on his face! He could hear crystal clear. I told him how to do it and that he can tune them on a computer. The last thing he said to me was, “I will contact them, this is fantastic”. So expect a call from my brother!

David Viles, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Giving me my hearing back

Thank you for the new IHearYou® software. It’s just great, especially the new volume level gauge, it’s just what I asked for. I completely re-tuned my aids since it has been almost twelve months that I’ve had them and they were down a little in the 4000Hz range. They are really great. The volume level gauge gives me an idea where I am at in each aid - just great.

Once again thanks for giving me my hearing back.

lan Patterson, Brisbane
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Changed my life

I have now had my hearing aids for nearly a year and they have changed my life. I don’t think I had any idea how how my difficulty hearing was affecting me socially until I actually started to hear again. The change is amazing.

I have talked about these hearing aids to anyone who will listen, including making a presentation at my retirement village computer club. At least one other person I know of has recently purchased hearing aids from you.

Roesmary Cartmill, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

I have never been more satisfied

I received your hearing aids on 22 October. Due to commitments I had no time to do anything except try them out for a short period, and they seemed good. A few days later, I connected the hearing aids to IHearYou® . I made adjustments twice that day. That night I wore the aids to an awards night in a large function room with some 130 odd people and did not notice that I had hearing aids, and I could talk and hear quite well!! Great!

In the past I was always unhappy that my hearing aids were never tested while in my ears in a manner in which I could hear what actually was getting through to my brain from the hearing aids. I find it interesting and informative that before delivering your hearing aids to me, you adjusted my hearing aids to suit my audiogram and they worked OK. This had been done with previous hearing aids I have bought elsewhere but never to my complete satisfaction. Then I found that by using IHearYou® I was able to make adjustments so that I could hear noticeably better. That's a big bonus not available with other hearing aids I have owned in the past.

Also, I love the voice prompts in the hearing aids!

I have been using hearing aids from various providers for several decades. I have never, at any time in the past, been more satisfied than now.

Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

The word that best describes the new sound is “crisp”

Greetings! I had trouble hearing my grandchildrens’ speech, in noisy restaurants with my female friends, and I had turned up the treble on my car’s sound system to the max, but still couldn’t hear the high tones. Other than that, I thought my hearing was OK. I had already responded to a marketing exercise from a local audiometrist and had tried out a pair of the latest digital hearing aids, but balked at the price – nearly $9000, which seemed a lot to pay to correct what seemed to me to be a fairly minor problem.

Then I remembered that I had bookmarked your website after seeing your product on the New Inventors. What really prodded me into action was that we were about to go overseas and I was going to have to cope with social gatherings in Switzerland. I speak German reasonably well but I have to concentrate much harder to get the gist of what’s being talked about. (Miss one word, and you’re likely to miss the whole context). So I ordered your SIE-64 hearing aids, encouraged by my husband who argued that we wouldn’t hesitate to spend the same amount of money on a good pair of speakers for our sound system, and that this was much more important.

My new hearing aids arrived at our country post-office three days after I ordered them. We had some minor difficulties with the program at first, but even so the whole process of tuning them took less than half an hour. The difference in the quality of sound is astonishing. The word that best describes the new sound is “crisp”. It’s the auditory equivalent of putting on glasses for the first time when you’ve been shortsighted for years. I had no idea what I’d been missing – just as you predict in your little booklet — the sound of rustling clothes, of hair being brushed, the clatter of cutlery, birdsong, the crunch of shoes on gravel, and of course voices, in both English and German! I’ve found the hearing aids easy to use and quite comfortable. I have to say I’m aware of them in my ear, but it doesn’t bother me.

Thank you a million times. I have recommended you to a friend living in Switzerland and am hoping that she gets as much benefit as I’ve had.

Jane, Victoria
Hearing aid experience: New user

Golf sounds better with Blamey Saunders hearing aids

I bought a pair of SIE 64 on May 15 and I am very happy. In fact, I would go as far as saying they have been a revelation for me. I was coping but these have improved my quality of life substantially. They have made my everyday life easier and made me more effective at work. I am yet to test this but I expect they will also enable me to follow speech at theatre and cinema, which I had stopped going to for a number of years now.

The battery life is excellent, far better than I expected and they are easy to maintain. The feedback performance is really good too.

While appearance was a minor issue for me they are very discreet. A month after I started wearing them people are still noticing them for the first time.

I have two programs, everyday and wind (biased toward rear microphone, not sure exactly how much). Typically I haven't even needed to switch to the wind program when riding my bike.

However, playing golf yesterday in 30 kph winds the wind noise was pretty loud. I switched to the wind program but when the wind was coming from behind me I still had loud wind noise. I thought about taking them off but as it was cold I put a knitted beanie on. This covered the top of the hearing aids and my ears and completely cut out the wind noise. Also, the beanie caused no feedback. I can think of many outdoor activities like running, cycling, fishing and snow skiing where covering the hearing aids with a beanie, balaclava or headband will be an excellent wind noise solution for me.

Sam Wade, Adelaide SA
Hearing aid experience: New user

If I can do it, anyone can

The IHearYou® system I ordered arrived today. I have downloaded the program and adjusted my 2 year old Blamey Saunders hearing aids. Made a great improvement.

I am 87 years young and if I can do it anyone can. Thanks again for a great service as usual.

Stewart Regan, Western Australia
Hearing aid experience: New user

Such an improved quality of hearing

I bought hearing aids online from you a couple of months ago. I am delighted with them, love the fact that they are so responsive to different sound tones and levels and have given me such an improved quality of hearing altogether.

Anne Brown, Tauranga NZ
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Wonderful Product

I would like to sincerely thank you for your assistance and also your company. Blamey Saunders hears have just provided me a long lost customer service level that is virtually non-existent these days. Full credit to you and the company! I will most certainly recommend your company for a wonderful product and an equally excellent customer service regime.

My sincere thanks and gratitude.

RM, Cairns
Hearing aid experience: New user

Excellent Customer Service

I just wanted to provide some feedback about the high level of service I received on the phone yesterday from one of your staff.

The woman I spoke with couldn’t be more helpful, explained the Blamey Saunders system and hearing aids in great detail and was very keen to improve my understanding in regard to the selection and purchase of a hearing aid. She also directed me to the video wall which I’ve sat and watched with my husband (who requires the aids) today. I had expected he would want to come and see you but after our conversation and watching the videos we have purchased the hearing aids on line this afternoon.

We are very excited about the new hearing aids. My husband is one of the multitude who has been putting them off for a very very long time (he is 52 and had his first abnormal audiogram about 10 years ago!). His lack of hearing is now affecting his personal, social and work life. It has been a long road complicated by confounding information, over the top costs (quotes for the top of the range models in Brisbane ranged from $8000 to $12000) and niggling feeling that hearing aids didn't work anyway! We had been about to purchase the quoted models from America when I found you on-line. We are much happier to be purchasing from an Australian company that has clearly invested significant research, intellect, time and money into a product that does a fantastic job.

Congratulations on your excellent customer relations and our heart felt thanks for your high level of focus and service.

Suzanne (and Peter) Williams, Yeronga QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Wonderful service!

Thank you for replacing my lost hearing aid which arrived the next day. Wonderful service!

I can’t tell you what a difference the Blamey and Saunders hearing aids have made to my life. Within minutes of being fitted I was able to hear sounds I hadn’t heard for years — leaves crunching underfoot, water running down a fountain in a nearby park — the list goes on. My wife and I went for dinner to a popular Melbourne restaurant area that night and in spite of the large crowd of diners enjoying themselves and loud music being played, we were able to converse in a normal voice and I could hear it all. My wife also says that I have started singing around the house again too. I said I hadn't realised that I had such a good voice!

Thank you too for the wonderful service at the East Melbourne clinic. From our warm welcome at reception, to the consultation, fitting and testing, everything was done with professionalism and care for my individual needs.

Thomas Wilson, Emu Plains NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

When old sounds become new again

Thank you all – I have only been wearing the aids for a couple of hours and am hearing sounds that I have not heard properly for 20 years. I’ll start tuning them shortly — can’t wait.

Chris Miles, Queensland
Hearing aid experience: New user

Life Changing

Just wanted to share with you just how “life changing” my new set of hearing aids from you guys has been.

Not only am I able to start to be included at dinner parties and so on, the biggest impact has been in relation to my business. Because of the hearing I had pulled back from sales and dealing with clients and as a result the company was declining in sales income…..not a good thing when you’re in business.

However, since getting my new Blamey Saunders hearing aid, I have been able to get back into selling and taking control of sales. The end result is that last week I picked up a new contract worth in excess of 2 million dollars. That only happened because I was confident enough to chase business knowing I wouldn’t be continually asking them to repeat themselves.

Even yesterday, I was able to have lunch with someone, and not once did I have to ask him to repeat himself. Even he noticed the difference and commented, so thanks heaps. The difference has been amazing, and yes my mother is finally off my back about doing something in relation to the hearing… That could even be better than getting the new contract!

George Braybon, Redfern NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Like going back 30 years - everything is so enhanced

WELL, I’ve just setup my SIE-64s which I bought yesterday….

Tears of joy happened instantly. This is like going back 30 or 40 or 50 years. Voice, music, birds, crinkling paper, running water, footsteps, even hearing a scratch on the head — everything so enhanced, lack of missed conversations, …I’m blown away!!

Thank you so much for a renewed life lease.

I’ll certainly be recommending you guys to all of my friends and anyone I come across with diminished hearing.

Please pass on my regards and gratitude to all at Blamey Saunders hears.

Very Best Regards,

Bob Spence, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

You don’t realise how much you are missing

My mother was absolutely delighted with her new hearing aids.

It was so nice to see her smiling and laughing at being able to hear conversation again (without having to guess at what people were saying). Actually the transformation (increased willingness to interact) with the people around her was also quite remarkable. I guess hearing loss creeps up on you so you don’t realise how much you are missing until something transformative happens.

Finally, even though she is nearly 80, it was also important to her that they were small and that no-one could see them (I guess vanity never leaves you).

For me, the professionalism of the team, great value for money and high quality of the entire package is worth at least this email

M. Zanker, Clarinda VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Would recommend it to others

This morning I put my new 64 channel B & S hearing aids to the Supreme Test when I attended The Pelican Waters Gardening Club monthly meeting. Let me tell you that any aids that can survive through one of these meetings of 5 male and about 55 Females all talking at once and hear the guest speaker and committee, have to be good!

Well they were excellent, and this is the first meeting that I have been able to hear, and bodes well for my future — as I have waited for such an aid so that I can join other clubs like U3A, Bushwalking, and volunteering, all of which I previously had to give up because I could not hear properly, so let life begin!

Thanks again you guys for getting them to me before Easter, as, yes I did have fun, at the first family meeting I gave up on the very fast talking squeaky voiced guy and concentrated on my very quietly spoken sister in-law, but had to give up because of the cross talk, so I became lonely man again, as I was shocked to hear all the knives and forks being used on plates full of good tucker, if this is my new world, I don’t want any part in it!

After doing the Loudness and Volume reset, the next meeting was much better as I conversed successfully with English relative, when he noticed that I was no longer complaining about his very broad, hard to understand accent, I proudly mentioned my new aids which have 4 programs and said it was working well.

I was in the garden and heard the most beautiful bird sounds from a very tiny bird, I thought a budgerigar must have escaped, pity the aids do not have a recorder in them.

After being somewhat upset with my previous aids I was reluctant to buy again, but after talking to Stella about a year ago I knew I would get back to B & S. I really do think you have a good product and would recommend it to others.

I am listening to superb piano music on this computer as I write; although I could previously hear music it may be now even better with your aids. Since receiving the aids my life has become enchanted with listening and I have yet to fine tune them, I just did not know how far gone my hearing was.

Even my own brother has gone elsewhere and hopes to get those free pensioner ones, people just don’t realise they can get something as good as this on the Internet! Yes I am rapt, but enough of this

Ron Yates, Pelican Waters QLD
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

(Gee, you should just hear this music!)

Wearing good quality hearing aids is a real adventure

The hearing aids arrived yesterday at 11am. Full of trepidation, I fitted the smallest silicon ear tips, inserted the batteries and fitted the hearing aids. I downloaded your IHearYou® software as suggested by the manual.

Last night, I watched television with the hearing aids and was quite pleased with the results. I am able to much better hear conversation. Not perfect yet, but so much better than before.

Wearing good quality hearing aids for the first time is a real adventure. My shoes made lots of noise walking on the tiles of our living room but I was certainly able to hear my wife talking from the next room.

I am already spreading the word.

Brian Appleyard, Dunsborough WA
Hearing aid experience: New user

The look on my sons' faces was priceless

Hi guys at Blamey Saunders

Just like to say thank you for saving my family’s life from me!!

From the moment I fitted and tuned the SIE 64’s in I could not believe how loud I was talking {correction} shouting. The words “hey”, “what”, “what did you say”, have instantly disappeared. I have been in denial for twenty years listening to conversations and pretending to hear them. My first week I wore them only my wife knew I had them so the look on my two son’s faces when I joined in their conversation was priceless as was my work colleagues.

I have missed out on so much for so long — like what’s that ticking noise in the car? — only now to find out it’s the indicators. The TVs sound is now down from twelve to seven the list goes on. My advice to anyone thinking about hearing aids: buy only from Blamey and Saunders. Look at what suits you. I do suggest you buy the programmer so you can play with the levels — if you have a computer that is, if not they will do it for you.

Once again guys I thank you for a very professional service.

Ian Hill, Glenmore Park NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Thanks for the excellent and continuing experience

G’day team. I'm sorry but I can't resist writing to say thanks to everyone at B and S after luckily choosing a pair of SIE 64 aids and so far using them every day for 6 weeks. I had just refused to buy a pair of well branded aids which I had on test for 4 weeks. Not impressed & would have cost $6000. Experience with my first pair cost $8000 at August 2006. They turned out to be next to useless.

Anyway finding Blamey & Saunders on the Internet then, after a couple of days thinking, put an order in & was wearing them in 3 working days and have been using them every day since. It has been the best decision I have made for a long time. Thanks for the excellent & continuing experience.

Neil Hobba, McLaren Vale SA
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

I have my confidence back!

I thought I would give you a bit of feedback about my new hearing aids.

My hearing aids are sitting very well in my ears. The sound I am getting is a huge improvement on what I was receiving before with the compression technology. The change with me has put me in a very comfortable state with my hearing, perhaps I should say I have my confidence back.

I now hear trucks in the distance on the Newell Highway (2 blocks away).
Ambulance sirens.
Cars pulling up out the front of my house.
Rain on the roof.
All these noises I had lost track of.

I am truly grateful to Blamey & Saunders for doing this for me. I am 74 years of age, but I feel like I’m 50 again. People now respond to me in the normal way. My husband has noticed the difference in my hearing ability as well.

Dulcie Robinson, Finley NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Prompt and caring service

Thank you so much for your prompt dispatch of my spare parts.

You have a reputation for caring service. How grateful am I to be experiencing it!

I have tried two other brands of hearing aids (one pair costing around $7,000) over a period of about 5 years. The Blamey Saunders product is way ahead. I am not conscious of the feel of wearing hearing aids from when they go in in the morning until they come out.

I would like to add that the whole experience of ordering on line, receiving the units three days later, tuning them to my hearing with the computer program, telephone contact with Hayden a few weeks later who helped me sort out my approach to fine tuning, and the very prompt supply (at no charge!) of longer speaker assemblies is a breath of fresh air in a commercial world where prompt caring service is becoming rare.

I can thoroughly recommend your product (which is so comfortable does an excellent job) and also your approach to business and service. It is hard to say which is best. The product? The service? Both are of the highest order.

Angus Young, QLD
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

I am very pleased with the quality of service

I would just like to say a huge thank you for assisting me with my hearing aids.

The hearing aids are working really well, both at home and in various work locations including being able to hear my colleagues in the open plan office I work in, hearing participants in Shire Chamber meetings and meetings in other locations.

I am very pleased with the hearing aids and the quality of service you have provided for me, and also for about the third of the price I was originally quoted by a company in Bunbury.

So thank you all and please pass on my thanks to others involved as I am a very happy customer!

Anna Huxtable, Bunbury WA
Hearing aid experience: New user

I am truly grateful to your staff

I was in your clinic yesterday. I have returned home very happy with what we achieved.

However I soon realized I had to drop the loudness of my right hearing aid. So, I set up the package after a bit of a learning curve, did a couple of things wrong, corrected that, then proceeded to drop the volume back 1 notch, then I tried that out first.

The program is brilliant and I am truly grateful to your staff for putting me in control of my future years.

Now that I have done that once, I’ll be fine. Thank you all very much.

Dulcie Robinson, Finley NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Maybe my wife didn’t mumble after all

Hi all at Blamey and Saunders

In July 2012, I purchased a set of SIE hearing aids. I had noticed a friend of mine in Shepparton used hearing aids and I asked about how good hearing aids really were. He raved about them — how easy they were to wear, and how easy it was to programme them.

So I had an audiology test done and was amazed that I had industrial deafness in one ear and the other was a decrease due to age.

Well I took the plunge and purchased a set. Right from the start I was amazed at how good they were: I could hear the leaves rustling…the birds calling… everything was so much clearer…Maybe my wife didn’t mumble after all…and that was the case after using the hearing aids.

I live by myself most of the time, due to the wife working away, so don’t use them every day but I find they are so easy to just slip them in if I want to hear something that is down in the mud.

Last week I thought I could hear running water from the roof. I turned off some water that I had running in the veggie garden and I still thought I could hear water running from the roof…so I went inside put the hearing aids in, turned them up to full bore and low and behold I was able to hear clearly the running water from the roof … The air-conditioner had a substantial leak when it was not being used.

I have also used them in noisy pub environments in Sydney with my wife and am blown away by what you can hear on other tables whilst still able to clearly hear a conversation at your table.

The hearing aids from Blamey and Saunders have made a significant difference to my retirement life.

(Thanks also for the prompt supply of spare parts/batteries. Ordered yesterday, arrived today.)

Ian McCarthy, Holbrook NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

I am impressed in noisy restaurants

Thankyou for the hearing aid, I am impressed with it.

I have used it everywhere from noisy restaurants to my daughters wedding and found it to be an improvement on what I was already using. Although it doesn’t make my hearing perfect it is greatly improved on my old hearing aid especially with the volume adjustment. The IHearYou® system is excellent and easy to use, as yet I haven’t altered the initial setup that I made.

KMH, Victoria
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Thank you for your great service

I have been wearing hearing aids for over 40 years, many brands in many forms, and the new aids I purchased from you in August 2012 are the best I have ever had. My hearing disability is significant and getting worse as I grow older. I seriously considered moving to a cochlear implant, until I purchased and tuned a pair of your LOF aids.

Your after sales service and technical help in encouraging me to get the maximum benefit from my new aids has been absolutely outstanding. The last four months have been a learning experience and I have now tuned my aids and the special tubes and hooks you supplied to enable me to use my existing ear moulds to get the maximum effect. The ability to play with the tuning in my own time and to explore the many tuning options has given me a far greater understanding of the available aid options. Your tuning system is just so simple and effective! And all this has been done at a distance using telephone, email and the Internet. I might add that your aids are some 25% of the cost of alternative options I researched.

What I also find interesting, is that other aids I have worn get annoying after a time and I tended to take them off — much to the annoyance of my wife. Your aids do not irritate me in the same way and I now wear them all the time.

I see your service as of particular value to country people (and most older farmers I know have a hearing problem), I would encourage them to contact you if they need help. I would recommend your product and after-sales service unreservedly to anyone needing new or replacement hearing aids.

Thank you for your help and a truly great concept and product.

Jim Browne Coffs Harbour, NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

The best I have used all the time everywhere

Thanks for the excellent service supplying my hearing aid package.

Having worn aids for some years and tried many a set on demo, I can say these are the best I have used. Crisp clear sound all the time no matter where I am or what I am doing.

The IHearYou® software is so easy and simple to use, everyone should be able to use it. It would be better if you could tell where the volume levels were set at by a gauge on the screen. Thanks so much for giving me my hearing back.

Ian Patterson, Stafford, QLD
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Clarity is particularly impressive

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for my SIE-64 hearing aid. The instrument was set up very well for my type of hearing loss and I can hear so much better in all environments. It is particularly impressive in the way it adapts to noisy environments and doesn’t turn all frequencies up to high volume. I can remember a friend of mine with hearing aids having to leave an event in a public hall due to the way his hearing aids responded to the amplification and so I was amazed at how natural the SIE-64 feels. The ability to control volume and program on the hearing aid is wonderful. The way it gives clarity to speech in a meeting setting is impressive.

The “IHearYou® ” programmer is very straightforward to use and the degree of tunability in the special settings is much more comprehensive than I expected. I’ve only just started to play with the settings, but this has shown me how good the adaptive response system is because it’s not easy to improve on what the instrument does by itself.

And my wife is impressed that we’ve gone from having the television too loud to needing more volume! You guys do great work and provide great value.

John Lawson, Sydney NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Wow what a transition. What a bargain.

The following is an outline of the history of my hearing problems and the brilliant solutions provided by your SIE-64 hearing aid.

My hearing ability obviously started to decline several years ago, but as it was so gradual, I was not really aware that I was not hearing the full range of sounds with the same clarity as when I was younger. I still thought of my hearing as “normal”.

But I had started to notice that I was not hearing my grandchildren clearly and was struggling to maintain conversations with friends at restaurants and parties. At theatres I frequently had to ask my wife “what did the actors say just then?”

Eventually, in 2009, to my wife’s relief, I decided to take an audiology test. It revealed I had a moderate hearing loss and that a hearing aid would rectify most of my hearing problems. An audiology clinic offered a 2 week trial. They supplied a small behind-the-ear hearing aid, tuned to compensate for my loss. I was impressed and surprised to hear long lost sounds and conversations clearly. At the completion of the trial period I was keen to keep the aid. But at a cost of $7300.00 for one ear only, it was an extravagance I could do without. I decided to continue living with my hearing decline and find ways to compensate for it.

BUT THEN, 3 years later, I chanced upon an article in the Weekend Financial Review about the brilliant work that Blamey & Saunders had done in developing and marketing a high tech hearing aid here in Melbourne, with all the features of the international products at extremely modest prices.

I was fired up by the possibility of a superior hearing aid solution and a sensible financial outlay, right here in Melbourne. I chose the SIE-64.

Out in the street, the sounds were amazing. For a short while, I thought they had programmed bird calls into the hearing aids as I seemed to hear them everywhere.

This was an exciting time. At first my hearing experience sounds a little bit “tinny”, but I was definitely hearing everything more clearly. Turning pages in a newspaper brought back an ultra-rustling sound. Running water in a hand basin revived memories of a tinkling sound I hadn’t experienced in years.

At times, sounds the came from 50 metres away seemed to be right beside me. A tradesman who was offloading materials from a truck 50/60 metres away made me turn quickly to see what was happening. I wouldn’t have noticed this previously. I can hear cars and trucks now before I can see them.

I can now hear much better at restaurants or in groups and enjoy participating in the conversations. On rare occasions background noise can be intrusive in particular restaurants, but even my youngers confess they struggle to hear clearly in those noisy settings.

In small groups of 4/5 people, I can engage confidently in the conversations, even though I am totally deaf in my right ear and only have an aided fitted to my left ear. Its microphones are so advanced they pick up intelligible speech from friends on my clinically deaf right side. A bonus, bit I do loose that advantage from the right side when in crowded places.

I am very pleased with the renewed level of hearing that the SIE-64 has provided: with the improved level of interaction with family and friends. With the pure beauty of the higher registers of female vocalists, the full pitch of violins, the subtle variation of drums, the flowing tempo of guitars, the unmitigated full effect of music that I can now enjoy again.

I am now at the end of my third week and can confidently recommend Blamey Saunders hears to anyone seeking modern superior hearing aids at a sensible price. My SIE-64 is virtually invisible when fitted, has 64 channels, is feedback-free, is vice-free, and very comfortable.

Wow what a transition. WHAT A BARGAIN.

James Glover, Mt Waverly VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

I set up my Mum’s hearing aids

Mum, being a bit of a sceptic with electronics, said after I had programmed it and put in her ear said ‘well it seems to make a difference’! I put her through a few scenarios and it was obvious it made a significant difference. Alleluia!!

Thank you so much for your VERY wonderful service and help in this whole process of deciding, buying and getting it working.

I will be telling as many people as will listen of this great product — and when my time comes I’ll be buying too!

Lynette Cooper, Perth, WA
Hearing aid experience: New user

Improved the quality of my life

I was fortunate to hear Dr Saunders give a presentation at the U3A organization I am part of. My wife attended too and half way through the presentation we looked at each other and nodded. A little over a year ago I had a hearing test and it showed loss in the high frequencies. I felt it was inevitable that I would end up with hearing aids as my father and his four brothers had them. None of them worked very well. I had made a pact that if ever I was to have hearing aids I would get them earlier rather than later and master them! I spent the evening of the presentation looking at the Blamey and Saunders web site. I read most of the testimonials. I watched the videos. The next day I rang up for an appointment.

We enjoy a day in Melbourne so I decided on the full service, that is, a hearing test followed by a fitting. The process took about two hours. I walked out with two hearing aids. Walking back towards the city I was amazed how I was suddenly privy to all these conversations going on around me. Melbourne is a noisy place but the noises had a quality about them, a sharpness and clarity that made each of the sounds unique.

The aids have improved the quality of my life. My wife is very happy that I have them and her quality of life has improved too. I cannot fault the hearing aids. I have become an advocate of them and my younger brother now has them and my elder one has booked in for his.

I think men are pretty vain and see hearing aids as a sign of growing old. Yet it is that sort of “what did you say” comment, not following conversations and being socially isolated that is far more characteristic of being an old man. Hearing aids make you young!

As a serious bike rider I had the wind reduction program installed. I find that on really windy days they don’t reduce the wind noise that well. To be fair without them in there is a great deal of wind noise too. One of my helmets tends to direct the wind over the aids. With the Bell helmet on and light wind conditions they work really well. I am the first to call out “CAR BACK” to the group.

Lots of my friends say they probably need to do something too but are a little (probably more like a lot) hesitant to do anything. I am very pleased that I have Blamey and Saunders hearing aids. My thanks goes to the team behind these wonderful products.

Terrence Dixon, Ballarat, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

So glad I discovered Blamey Saunders hears

To the team at Blamey Saunders hears,

I say team as my experience from beginning to end has been smooth sailing any everyone has been a pleasure to deal with.

My first email contact was answered with care and concern and was very informative. My phone calls were answered promptly and professionally and my support after purchase was conducted effortlessly and caringly.

In late October I had my hearing tested not really thinking that I had any problems or hearing loss only to find out that I suffered mild to moderate loss in both ears. The clinic that I visited told me that I would benefit from the use of hearing aids and promptly fitted me with a sample pair so that I could get an idea of the difference they would make to my hearing. Initially I was amazed with the things that I could hear, especially considering that I was unaware that I couldn’t hear everything that was going on around me. I say initially as the gentleman who was assisting me then told me that the aids would cost me $10,900.00. You can imagine my disappointment, not everyone has a spare $11k to spend.

Later that week I heard the Blamey and Saunders advertising and immediately went to the website to explore what you had to offer. When I saw that you gave a 14 day satisfaction period I thought that I couldn’t go wrong. I collected all the information that I could and ordered my hearing aids.

I was further amazed when I ordered my aids on the Friday and they turned up at home on the Monday all ready to wear. Two weeks later and I am continually taken aback by all the little things that I obviously couldn’t hear before, the birds in the mornings, the leaves rustling in the wind but more importantly my family members no longer sound like they are mumbling. On that subject the family are now happy that they don’t have to repeat every sentence two or three times.

At 47 I thought I would be too young for hearing aids, but I am so glad that I have discovered Blamey and Saunders and your excellent services. You must get immense satisfaction from what you do for the community and all the work that you do. I wish you the very best in the future and hope that you continue on helping the hearing impaired for many years to come. I will have no hesitation in telling all my family and friends about my experiences with your company.

Thank you for giving back to me something precious that I hadn’t even realized that I had lost.

Melinda Gibson, Langwarrin VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

A terrific community service and product

I am writing to express my surprise and appreciation for your service and hearing aid product.

Just over 2 years ago I had my hearing test done by a major hearing organisation. They diagnosed my problem and gave me a choice of 5 levels of sophistication in hearing aids, ranging from $4000 for one covered by the pension up to $16,000 for the most sophisticated. I decided on the 4th level of sophistication which was $8000 of which my pension covered the first $4000. Right from the start I had very frequent whistles and squeaks (loud ones). I visited 3 of their centres in Sydney and a couple up the East Coast as I returned to my home near Bundaberg. Each time I visited them they would make some adjustment, but the problem continued. I went to the offices in Bundaberg for one last try. A technician made the adjustment, but I could tell immediately that the problem persisted. I returned them and ‘gave up on hearing aids’ for my problem — at least until some new technology came along.

I received my new hearing aids from you at the beginning of July, this year, just before I set off on a caravan trip around Australia. I have been surprised and very appreciative to have had hearing improvement with never one squeak or whistle in this past 5 months.

Thank you very much Blamey Saunders hears team, you are providing a terrific community service and product.

Chris Ennor, Bargara QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

A perfect symphony

I had my hearing test at another organisation and it was established I had hearing loss significant enough to warrant getting hearing aids. I was fitted with a sample pair at that time and once they were set to my needs I was amazed at the difference in hearing. I was also amazed at the price quoted for the pair of hearing aids I was sampling — $10,000. I left without them deciding my hearing loss needed to get a lot worse before spending that much money, not to mention not having that much to spend.

Then a friend told me about his Blamey and Saunders hearing aids. With his recommendation and half an hour searching the web site it was an easy decision to buy. It only took a few minutes on the telphone to complete the process after emailing my audiology test to them. They arrived by express post 2 days later.

It took no more than 10 minutes to read the instructions and fit the batteries etc and I was immediately returned to the world of sound. The TV was turned down to half the previous volume, I have stopped saying to my wife “what did you say”; Freedom. from that alone made it worth the price.

I have been wearing them every day for a week now and they are truly wonderful. I had totally forgotten a lot of the sounds that I can now hear. I went to a Symphony concert on the second night and heard the music perfectly. Virtually no one has noticed them, I forget they are on. A truly wonderful product at an extremely reasonable price compared to other hearing aids on offer in the market.

So thanks very much Blamey Saunders hears. I have no hesitation in singing your praise.

John Davey, Melbourne, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

I am so, so pleased. They sound remarkable.

Hi all at Blamey & Saunders,

I have to send my thanks for the wonderful set of aids I purchased about two months ago. This letter truly reflects my satisfaction with your product and its price.

I started my hearing aid career back in the analogue age with two in the ear aids (which I thought at the time to be marvellous). After many years one aid died and because it was at the digital swap over time I was unable to have it repaired, so went over to behind the ear digitals. I had been pressed by my hearing aid supplier to change up to newer SIE type aids at costs varying from 6 to 10 thousand dollars. At my advanced age I could not see the value of new aids at that price so I have let it slide and stuck with aids which, though not the best, still satisfied my requirements.


I first saw your invention on the “New Inventors” on ABC and that stimulated me to investigate further. So I plucked up courage, and whilst visiting my daughter in Melbourne (I live in Sydney) I dropped in with about a five year old hearing test (it’s remarkably difficult to get one of these from an audiologist) and asked for a set of aids with those hearing values.

I walked out into heaven. The sound and reception are remarkable.

However, I couldn’t wait to get home and test just how easy they were to hook up my home computer and “play” with the various levels of pitch so that they better suited my hearing loss and also add in programs for noisy situations etc. Doing that was a breeze after I had carefully read the instructions provided.

I am so, so pleased and now because they are such an integral part of my sensory perception, I often forget to take them out before I hit the bed at night. All my bowling friends have now heard about you and my aids.

Thank you again, and I wish you every success with Blamey Saunders hears.

John Brownhill, Sydney NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Great assistance

I have received my new SIE64 aid and so far have found it to be of great assistance. I have worn it cycling, playing the clarinet (at home, in a jazz band and in a symphony orchestra) and in rather noisy restaurants, all with no problems. I have yet to try it in a noisy situation such as at a large table at a crowded venue — the sort of place where I have been having the most difficulty following conversations.

Ian Clapperton, Melbourne VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

IHearYou® is easy

My hearing aids are working perfectly and I must compliment you on the IHearYou® computer programme I recently purchased. It was very easy to set up and very easy to follow.

Also, I have had occasion on several instances to phone your office to seek clarification on some points and your staff have been extremely helpful and patient in their response. Such excellent after sales service is very refreshing and much appreciated.

Thank you again.

L. T., Pukerua Bay, NZ
Hearing aid experience: New user

My friend Paul is social again (truly life changing)

My name is Robyn Ross and I am writing to you as I wanted to let you about my friend, Paul Charlier.

Paul is my neighbour and asked me to assist him many months ago to set up his ‘new’ hearing aids on his computer. I did this and ever since he has raved and raved about how wonderful they are and how they have truly changed his life.

During my visit, Paul told me all the complaints he had with his old hearing aids and I noticed that they mirrored those of my stepfather (82 years). These included, not being able to hear in a room full of people, not being able to have the TV going at the same time as a conversation was, etc. He said it made him feel very left out and he was also concerned that people would think of him as ‘unsociable’.

I immediately phoned my mother and told her all about what Paul was saying and she was amazed. She came to stay with me a couple of months later and asked if she and her husband could meet and talk to Paul about these hearing aids. I took them to Pauls apartment and he proceeded to bring out his box and go through all the benefits of these hearing aids compared to his old ones. My mum was so impressed and has since purchased some for her husband.

I was at work yesterday and my boss’ mother, Val, came in was started complaining to me about her hearing aids, so again I relayed all of Pauls information to her and asked him last night to email me your web address, which I have just passed on to Val, who is extremely excited.

Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial if you like.

Robyn Ross (and Paul Charlier), Trinity Beach QLD
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Superior quality and so convenient

I am happy for you to tell others of my satisfaction with your hearing aid, as I have one of another type (which was more expensive) I feel my comparison is based on firm grounds. I find the quality of the sound to be superior. I enjoy listening to classical music and found yours gave me a more natural sound. Being able to vary the settings here at home is most convenient, especially if one lives in a remote area as I do.

LD, Outback Queensland
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

So easy. It’s terrific not leaning forward to hear.

Received my SIE hearing aids on Wednesday. I followed the instructions and had them programmed in about 20 — 30 minutes. I thought “is that it?”. So easy.

My old hearing aids were so uncomfortable to wear that I would be taking them out all the time. These are so comfortable I hardly even think about them all day. They are comfortable in the way that they sit and are comfortable sound-wise.

Today was my first time with them in a restaurant and it was terrific. No more leaning forward to hear the person opposite… or leaning back having given up trying. I found the experience restful, not stressful as before.

My old ones got run over (I wasn’t wearing them at the time!). Glad I didn’t just replace them with the same old type.

Ken B, Warranwood VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

People mumble but it’s nice to hear them anyway

Many thanks for your wonderful service and amazing product. People have stopped mumbling and all sounds are clear and sharp. I am looking forward to attending the court next Thursday.

John Ellison, Queensland
Hearing aid experience: New user

Hearing dinner in a noisy pub

I can now have dinner in a noisy pub and converse with the person on the other side of the table, I can hear what the guide is saying in a noisy city street when others in our group can’t.

I could go on and on about the change to my social life but how glad I am that this time instead of spending my money on travel, I took the step got hearing aids from Blamey and Saunders.

Maggie Smith, Williamstown VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

How amazing all from my laptop

I have received the hearing aids and I'm absolutely shocked at how noisy the world is. I reduced the volume about 6 dB today and that is looking like I’m close to the sweet spot. Some of my family members are already amazed that I can hear them without having to raise their voice and I’m amazed at what I can hear also. How amazing that I have been able to order them, pay for them, adjust them and also claim from my health insurance all from my laptop.

I have found them comfortable to wear already despite only having started using them for the first time yesterday.

I was sceptical initially during my searching for hearing aids but on seeing the awards, commonwealth funding, various feedback and articles I was confident your product would prove to be a winner and it was.

Wayne Checker, Brighton SA
Hearing aid experience: New user

I recommend your hearing aids to anybody

I would like to thank you for your help on Monday and say that I enjoyed doing business with you and your customer service skills are exemplary. The service was prompt, efficient and friendly and you are a credit to your organisation.

The hearing aid itself I am finding excellent and is exceeding all my expectations. I look forward to doing business with you again for batteries and other ancillary products. I will not hesitate to recommend your hearing aids to anybody.

Yours sincerely

Peter Fairhall, Brisbane QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Now distinguishing speech with lots of background noise

Hello Blamey & Saunders Pty. Ltd.,
Just a bit of feedback on my recent purchase of SIE hearing aids. No problems with installing the IHearYou® software, and adjusting the sliders to suit balance and volume. Not yet familiar with seating the hearings aids on my ears — the little wire clip is a bit tricky. So far only first order adjustment of the aids; I plan “fine tuning” after I gain more experience with use of the aids.

Performance of the aids is excellent — no problems with distinguishing speech in a room (say restaurant) with lots of background noise. I’ve noticed a “rushing” sound in the right hearing aid — not yet tracked down. This may may clear up in second adjustment attempt. Operating door latches and using cutlery causes sharp high frequency impulses — not objectionable. This is consistent with Ross Tester’s “jangly, jarring” comments, and I note that he “knocked the treble down a bit”.

Everyone who has sighted the aids has commented that they can’t see them, and on how tiny they are. I can’t feel that I’m wearing hearing aids.

So far I’ve had one interested response, from a friend who’d obtained free “pensioner” hearing aids; left in a drawer most of the time.

I’m still working through all of the information provided, and I have yet to tackle the LACE software.

Summary: A really impressive device, and I’m already feeling the benefit of not having to ask my wife to repeat phrases. The TV set volume is now more comfortable for my wife and others. I used the aids today at my U3A Class of 40 people, and I clearly understood ALL of the presentation, on this occasion unaided by a headset microphone. This is a refreshing change.

Best wishes— Brian Graham

Brian Graham, Mt Waverly VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Wow what a team

After many years of denying I had a hearing problem together with stories of friends having paid up to $9,000 for hearing aids that proved a disappointment and now sit in a draw gathering dust.

I saw you product on the “New Inventors” and decided to do my own research on your hearing aids and found the team at Blamey & Saunders were more than happy to answer my many queries either by phone call or by e-mail.

In May I took the plunge and ordered 2 LOF hearing aids “WOW” what a difference.

My conclusion: I’m really happy with my Blamey & Saunders Hearing Aids.

Congratulations on a great product and special thanks to your team that make it all come together for both company and customer.

Nicolette, Melbourne VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Luncheons and concerts are an auditory experience again

I owned a pair of conventional hearing aids for about five years before I visited Blamey and Saunders.

I found that the conventional aids were uncomfortable and interfered with my speech; so I only wore them when I had a strong need to understand what others were saying, such as when conducting a university tutorial. Even then I felt that they amplified background noise unpleasantly and added very little clarity to my understanding of other people’s speech.

From the minute I was fitted with my Blamey and Saunders hearing aids I have worn them continuously, taking them out only to go to bed and to take a shower. Putting them in in the morning brightens my world. I have no trouble in speaking normally and I find that I understand other people’s speech as well as I ever have in my life. One of my only problems is re-educating my loving wife, who has learned over the years to pitch her voice when speaking to me at levels that people with unimpaired hearing could understand in the next suburb.

I have put my new aids through two severe tests: I wore them to a meeting of my gentlemen’s luncheon club, where good food is washed down with good wine, both in ample quantities, and the noise level tends to rise as the afternoon progresses. From start to finish I was able to participate in conversations with no trouble whatever. My wife and I went to see the Australian Ballet dance Onegin; for the first time in years my auditory experience rose to the level of my visual one.

For my level of hearing loss the Blamey and Saunders hearing aids have not just ameliorated my awareness and speech recognition problems: they have eliminated them.

John M Legge, Surrey Hills VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

I work in radio, now with renewed energy for audio

Firstly, congratulations to Prof. Peter Blamey on receiving the Clunies Ross Award. We often read about scientific research and admire the brilliant people involved, but when we benefit personally from that research its value is infinitely magnified, or should that be amplified?

Since buying SIE hearing aids 9 months ago my life has become richer. In that time I’ve discovered that the things that I thought just went clunk also go click and clack; clocks still tick; and a bunch of car keys is possibly the loudest thing on the planet! I’ve also realised that leaves make a rustling noise on windy days, and if you stand staring in amazement up at the trees people will think you’re mad, and I don’t care! I have rediscovered music — I had stopped enjoying music out of the frustration of not being able to hear what I knew used to be there. I could see people playing instruments and I was sure they must be making sounds — but I just couldn’t hear them. Now I can, and that enriches my life.

And all that is great — but any hearing aid can do that, at least to some extent, right? Maybe…

I work behind the scenes in radio. I make content that is broadcast every day. I need to be able to hear properly. Maybe because my hearing loss was gradual I was able to maintain an acceptable standard, and although I’d had no complaints about my work, I knew that the time had come to act. I visited several hearing aid shops and was always left with the feeling that I was being sold, and upsold. I was quoted up to $11,000 for the top of the range aids that I needed. Then I heard on the radio (not surprisingly), about what was then Australia Hears, now Blamey & Saunders Hearing.

Within the first 30 seconds of my initial contact by phone, I knew I was in the right place. The lady, who I think was Elaine (please forgive me if I’m wrong), was the most helpful, sensitive, intuitive and well-informed person I encountered in my search for information. This should be the way all business is done. To be told that I could find a top class solution for many thousands of dollars less than what I’d been led to believe was truly amazing. Delivery was prompt — just a few days.

It did take some time for me to get used to the new range of sounds I was hearing, particularly at work. Fortunately the “IHearYou® ” kit is also brilliant and simple to use — it is so intuitive. After a couple of adjustments, and some time for my brain to readjust, I have a renewed energy for all things audio.

So, could any hearing aids have done this for me? I doubt it very much.

AND… I was right all along: teenagers do mumble, it wasn’t just me! BUT now I can have conversations with my kids and only have to ask them to repeat what they say about 20% of the time — a huge improvement, everyone’s grateful for that!

Geoff, Wantirna VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

What a brilliant product

I purchased an SIE hearing aid in December last year to help with my hearing loss.

What a brilliant product. I had trialled a number of very expensive aids of different brands and was not convinced that they were helping and so did not purchase. Only the Blamey & Saunders aid gave me what I would call a “natural” sound. I have been very happy with my investment.

Stephanie, Adelaide SA
Hearing aid experience: New user

Comfortable hearing in background noise

I purchased my SIE hearing aids in October last year and I want to express my appreciation for the last seven months of trouble free hearing. The aids are comfortable, unobtrusive and very effective. I can walk in the wind without discomfort and I can maintain good hearing even when significant background noise is present. In other words they are a godsend.

I have one more card left in my initial box of batteries and so I am ordering on line a new box. Each battery lasts about a week. To avoid a wax problem I use a magnifying glass which has a light to clean my aids every night before putting them in the drying jar. Without the magnifying glass I would probably miss seeing if wax was causing a blockage. Whatever is the reason I have had no problems at all.

Ms J Robinson, Sydney NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

High heels, jazz, and keyboard clicks. THANK YOU!

Management and staff
Blamey and Saunders Hearing
364 Albert St. East Melbourne

I recently attended your premises for a face-to-face assessment and follow up appraisal with the objective of purchasing 2 LOF hearing aids.

Susan painstakingly tested my hearing, at one stage consulting with Dr Elaine Saunders regarding part of the testing procedure. In what to me seemed to be a very short time I was duly fitted with the aids and given comprehensive verbal advice on their use. Immediately following the fitting I remarked to Susan how much louder paper rustling and normal office sounds appeared to be. Susan then took me across to the Fitzroy gardens for my first “road test”.

The crisp crackling sound of footsteps over fallen autumn leaves was a revelation as was the sound of apparently millions of birds in the trees. Returning to 364 Albert Street I collected my very well packaged and presented documentation and accessories after which I was on my own.

I decided to walk to the CBD for a comprehensive tryout of the aids, sitting a park bench for a breather. Whilst taking this break I heard a sharp clicking sound and turning my head in response I noticed a young woman in high heels coming down a pathway about 25 meters away. I was so astounded I continued watching/hearing until she had passed by for another 25 meters or so. I suppose I could be regarded as an auditory voyeur as distinct from the usual variety.

I continued my walk terminating it at the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets which would probably be one of the noisiest junctions in Melbourne CBD. The cacophony of sound made me realise just what a noisy place the world really is. Nevertheless I enjoyed being able to locate specific sounds turning my head in response to the directional input into the aids.

That end of Swanston being something of an “eat street” I decided to buy lunch at the only fast food outlet I patronise, Subway. My usual ploy when confronted by some little Kylie or Narelle nattering intelligibly on regarding the multiplicity of breads, sauces, fillings, etc. was to say “you choose, I have no particular allergies or dislikes”. This time, however, I conducted an in depth conversation with the poor girl and we were both happy with the result.

I informed Susan at the appraisal that I was very happy with the aids and looked forward to becoming fully conversant with their use. I can now confirm that bus and taxi drivers, airline attendants and pilots no longer seem to speak through a mouthful of cotton wool or equivalent.

My big test was visiting my twin 6 year old grandsons in Adelaide last weekend for Grandparents’ day. This involved participation in classroom activities listening to singing, recitation etc as well as taking part in lengthy conversations with very many little people. I had no problems with any of this and the high point was listening to the senior concert band with their rendition of a couple of Jazz classics. Being able to hear music with a long forgotten clarity was a joy to me.

I have now had the aids for almost a month and have discovered a few things in my home environment I was not aware of. Firstly I do NOT have a silent computer keyboard. The microwave oven does have a louder bell than I thought and light switches really do click when turned on or off. MY TV and radio are now set much lower than previously. I find all sounds are sharply defined rather than softly muted and try as I might cannot get used to the noise paper makes when crumpled.

I usually insert the aids after my morning shower removing them last thing in the evening when I really notice the drop in sound level. I have found the best result is to change the batteries on a weekly basis to ensure the amplification remains at a high level. I am quite happy with the aids current efficiency and see no immediate need to make any computerised alteration.

Please feel free publish to any of the above comments as a testimonial to the excellence of your product.

My sincere thanks to Elaine, Susan and Stella for all your assistance and support. Kind regards…

Allan Brownlee, Green Hills NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Online delivery to a sailor (now he can hear his wife)

I have recently taken delivery of my new hearing aid. It is excellent.

My wife and I have been living aboard our yacht for the past five years and we have sailed many thousands of nautical miles in that time, mostly outside Australian waters. Compared with a house, a yacht’s living space is much smaller. Additionally a couple spend more time together.

My wife was tiring of having to constantly repeat herself to me, hence my recent order for one of your hearing aids. The difference is amazing. It becomes even more apparent when the device is removed following many hours of usage.

Angus Lockhart, Sailing Vessel PAMPERO (current location Hobart)
Hearing aid experience: New user

Great hearing aids and great service

A note of thanks for developing a great hearing aid at an affordable price.

I purchased a pair of LOF hearing aids and the programming software a couple of month ago and have been very happy with them from day one.

I am a subscriber of Silicon Chip magazine and after reading their glowing review on your hearing aids, prompted me to purchase a pair.

My wife always complained that I had the TV too loud, and I always had to ask people to repeat what they where saying to me. This has now all changed, my wife is now the one that has to increase the TV volume and now even in a noisy environment with a lot of people talking I can have a normal conversation with people without having to have things repeated. This was evident recently when meeting a friend in a retirement village, where they have happy hour, I commented that not many people wear hearing aids as I could only see one person in a crowd of around 40, My mate said that a lot of them do wear hearing aids but don’t wear them to this sort of event as they don’t help, as all the noises are amplified. I had no such problem even talking to people a few meters away.

The only problem I have had is forgetting to take them out before having a shower, which the first time was in the first week I had them, and another 3 times since then, but I am now getting into a routine, this shows how comfortable they are to wear.

The only maintenance that needs to be done is change the batteries, which last just over 1 1/2 weeks, and clean wax from the tubes every now and then, but this is a minor thing for the great benefit of being able to hear all the sounds that have eluded me since my hearing deteriorated.

Again thanks for a great hearing aids and also the great service, which I recommend to anybody that has a hearing problem.

I am also going to send an email to Silicon Chip magazine regarding my experiences with the hearing aids for them to publish, so others can experience better hearing as I have.

Ralph Barrow, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: New user

Thank you for creating a wonderful product which I recommend to others

I’ve had hearing loss most of my life which I had managed to hide from others by using coping strategies such as “guessing” words & filling in the gaps. Unfortunately I didn’t always guess the right words or totally misheard the important words which led to frustrating conversations with others.

I had been put off purchasing hearing aids due to the expense and being told of bad experiences by family & friends. So, when I heard of Blamey & Saunders hearing aids and their use of the latest technology and affordability I was very interested.

Though, it still took me many months of procrastinating to finally place an order I haven’t looked back. My indecision was also based on which hearing aids to purchase & colour but I’m happy I purchased the LOF (grey) as they are easy for me to handle.

The initial service was fantastic with someone contacting me via email the night I placed an order & within a few days I received the hearing aids via secure post, pre-programmed from my audiogram.

The new sounds were quite overwhelming at first, but after turning down the volume & a weekend of gradual use I am very happy with the sound quality. I have purchased the IHearYou® programmer but after trying to adjust the pre-programmed settings I decided I’m happy with the initial settings & haven’t really felt the need to have extra settings, at the moment.

Another bonus is that my tinnitus is bearly noticeable during the day & has actually decreased at night.

I’m truly amazed at what I can hear & feel my quality of life has greatly improved.

Thank you for creating a wonderful product which I have been happy to recommend to others.

Ms E. Lee, Sydney
Hearing aid experience: New user

No guessing, I can understand in a noisy restaurant.

Your hearing aid has been a great success. Blamey & Saunders SIE hearing aid has improved my lifestyle so much that I now encourage people who, like me, were reluctant to entertain wearing one to explore your website.

My biggest improvement is that I can sit in a noisy restaurant or around a table and actually understand what is being said around me rather than just guessing.

Bruce Hickson, Kangaroo Flat, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Dramatically outperformed my last ones. IHearYou® worked perfectly.

I received my new SIE aids yesterday morning. Within an hour and a half, I had downloaded the latest version of the IHearYou® software and had ‘tweaked’ my new aids and added extra programs for music, background noise and wind noise. Everything worked perfectly. These new aids are an ‘upgrade’ from another well known European brand I have worn every day for the past 4 years. Out of the box, the new aids (pre-loaded with my audiogram result) dramatically outperformed my existing aids. I had a lunch date in a noisy restaurant. Even without the wand to switch to the 'background noise' program the new aids made a huge difference in my ability to participate in the four-way conversation. I play guitar and piano and normally have to remove my aids to eliminate feedback — the new aids just need to be switched to the music program, with a bit of volume reduction. Now I’m hearing much more of the natural tonality/colouration of the instruments. Lovely.

So, 24 hours after receiving the new aids, my quality of life is already improved.

I paid less than half the price of my previous aids. My order was promptly fulfilled. How great that we now have the option to take control of our own hearing needs. Thank you.

Suggestion: how about a special program option for “TV/Movie Viewing” — not sure what part of the spectrum needs to be boosted, but I struggle to hear dialog under the music and effects at times. Otherwise I boost the TV volume to a point where it’s too loud for others. By the way, I notice already that the new aids are much better for TV than the old ones.

I only wish that this kind of option had been available to me years ago. I’ll look forward to following the continuing development of this exciting technology. I attended a Tas Symphony Orchestra performance last night and was thrilled to be able to enjoy the concert with my new aids. Unless you are hearing impaired it’s hard to appreciate the impact of even moderate loss, especially to a music lover like myself.

Bruce Edwards, Hobart Tasmania
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Great great great… and convenient

I really hate the use of the phrase ‘win, win’, but back in December 2011 I purchased a pair of SIE hearing aids and IHearYou® programming kit.

I can summarise the result as follows:—

Great service,
Great product,
Great value,
and so convenient to program them oneself.

Keep up the good work!

Geoff Brannan, Paradise, Tasmania
Hearing aid experience: New user

Makes crunchy food more rewarding

I am really enjoying my Blamey & Saunders hearing aids. Even chewing crunchy food is so much more rewarding. When I put on my makeup, I now celebrate my new hearing with a touch of blusher to my ear lobes!

Pippa Johnson, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

My experience at Blamey & Saunders hearing aid clinic

Early in 2011 I had my hearing tested and was told that I “needed hearing aids”. I don’t know why I dallied — denial (I’m getting older and these disabilities are only visited upon older people!), or vanity (I don’t want to be seen wearing hearing aids!); or some other reason.

Anyway, early in 2012 I decided to pursue my hearing “loss” again. Perhaps I was thinking it might have got better, but, sadly, I was told my hearing had further deteriorated. The first company I visited confirmed the loss and again and suggested that I purchase a set of hearing aids. I was asked how much I wanted to spend (I said around $5,000) and was then shown the range from $500 to $20K (Morris Minor to Rolls Royce!).

I decided that some due diligence was needed for such a significant purchase and made two other appointments with audiologists. At the same time a friend pointed me towards Blamey and Saunders. I followed this lead and rang to make an appointment that turned out to be the following day. I walked away from that appointment with a pair of hearing aids!

So what have I been missing out on?

As I type this testimonial I can (again) hear the keys on the key board as I “touch” type
The “crack” of a light switch as the electric connection is made
The “swoosh” of cascading water when I turn on a tap
The “crack” of a door lock tongue as it locks into place as I close a door or the magnetic closer attaches
The “rattles” in my car that I’d never heard before
The “rustle” of leaves as the wind blows through trees
The lorikeets and other native birds squawking away in the trees
The “rustle” of clothing (shorts/trousers, shirts and tee shirts) as I move around
Traffic noises – especially tires on bitumen
And, yes, the bicycle riding program works

And, best of all, my wife asking if she can turn up the volume on the TV because I now have it so low! (I used to take it up to 70/80 and she’d reduce it by ten. Now I can hear it at 40 and she takes it up to 50!)

The “second best” is that when I have the hearing aids in/on I have no tinnitus (hissing/whistling in my ears)

There are some “down sides”. My granddaughters shrill voices can get a bit wearing by the end of the day (Patricia and I mind them on Wednesdays).

I have had some days during the first fortnight where I’ve chosen to have a rest and not wear them. I think this is because the new (re-found) noises have left me feeling a bit stressed.

Thank you, Susan, for a re-found sense/hearing.

John R Bruce, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Superior crispness and clarity, really comfortable

Dear Dr. Saunders,

Thank you for the warm personal note that accompanied my new hearing aids. Herewith my findings:—

Having been told elsewhere that my 4 year old $8000 dollar aids could not be ramped up to suit my hearing loss I trialled a $10,000 version for one week. By sheer coincidence my doctor mentioned the New Inventors programme which I recalled having seen. This resulted in my purchasing your devices and I have found three main differences. Yours offer far superior crispness and clarity of voice/speech definition, The batteries last almost three times as long (same batteries) and the tulip ear tip, which I had never been offered despite complaining of a poor fit, are really comfortable and do not require the constant manual assistance to which I never became accustomed.

Best wishes for what looks like a very bright future.

Edith, Batemans Bay NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Such a high quality product at a very acceptable price

I have had my hearing aids now for a month and wish to express my appreciation for exceptional service for such a high quality product at a very acceptable price.

Initially there was such a dramatic change that I thought I needed to make some adjustments of my own to tone things down. However, after a week I went back to the initial settings and have now fully adjusted to those settings.

Peter Shire, Gold Coast QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Independent review by Better Hearing Australia

Better Hearing Australia are an independent, not-for-profit Government Funded hearing advisory service. Terry Brain road-tested Blamey & Saunders SIE hearing aid with IHearYou®.

Now IHearYou®, and subtle new noises too

Hi and a big thank you for your assistance on the phone the other day.

I received the computer program today and I am pleased to say I have set it up on both of my computers. I can now program my hearing aids on both of these computers.

I will have to get some practice at programming the aids , but so far , its been fun. I am hearing some subtle new noises!

Harry, Drouin VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

My daughter’s success story

Hi Guys,

My daughter Ramona who has a binaural hearing loss replaced her old hearing aids with Blamey and Saunders (then Australian Hears) hearing aids about a year ago. Her immediate reaction was incredulity. She could suddenly hear sounds she had never heard before. Footsteps, keys jingling, the car engine, traffic noise and in music, instruments separated from other instruments as opposed to an amorphous wall of sound.

After about 6 months she fine-tuned her aids. Now she finds to her delight that normal hearing people in noisy surroundings like restaurants are asking her what the waiter said and she is able to tell them precisely even though some waiters have strong foreign accents. It really is an extraordinary success story. It really is amazing.

Michael — Ramona's Dad, WA
Hearing aid experience: Family of existing user

Enabling high-quality hearing aids at a manageable cost

Well, its quite some time since you heard from me Daniel. That’s a sure sign that I haven’t had any problems with the hearing aids which you supplied on 5th August 2011.

What a transformational experience having hearing aids has proved to be. On my early morning walks I thought the birds in trees nearby were stretching and yawning! Now I know they were in full song celebrating the start of a new day. I missed all the high frequency notes before, but the hearing aids have wonderfully restored the missing parts of their avian repertoire. I’m very thankful, and am happy to tell anyone considering buying hearing aids, where they can do so.

I have today placed an order for additional batteries and ear-tips.

I have told many people about your company, because it really does enable people who are not on a pension, to get high-quality hearing aids at a manageable cost.

Roger Monahan, Sydney NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Excellent service, really happy

Hi team

I would like to relate my good experience with your team;

The hearing aids are so unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, that I have lost count of the times I have started having a shower with them in only to realise only once I start to wet my hair, and they even came very close to being completely submerged in the pool, luckily I had walked in rather than my customary bomby!

No damage from being very close to water has resulted

Then the first day of our Xmas break , the day before Xmas and all was silent, fumbling around in the camper trailer for my hearing aids, safely stored in the bottle of dessicant beads

When I went to use them, first close the battery compartment, one would not close, being a bit ham fisted and blurry eyed I tried a bit harder with still no luck, try harder, then stopped found my specs and had a look, one of the beads was in the compartment

Once I fished that out the hearing aid was dead, due to the wires at the back being pushed off

Being beyond my repair capabilities I sent an email off which even though it was a holiday close down period was answered advice given a subsequent posting back of the broken aid , saw it returned in the very early new year

Excellent service and covered by warranty, very impressed, and also really happy with the aids, I haven’t even bothered with the program function as yet they just work straight out of the box

Jim Thomson, West Kalgoorlie WA
Hearing aid experience: New user

Particularly impressed with music

I am writing to thank you for the hearing aids. I adjusted them to meet my needs, and followed this with a further fine adjustment the next day. The general program works well in most situations, and the ‘noisy restaurant’ program is very useful. I am particularly impressed with the music program, which also improves TV sound.

Dr Simon Hasleton, Woolloomooloo NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Very good for music and survived a shower

Recent purchase of the LOF type. Excellent set up and operation using the web site info. Surprised how fast the brain adapts to the new audio response. Even did the water test by showering with them on After removing the water from the tube they worked again. Very good for music listning also noisy situations ie next to coffee making unit / compressed air etc.

Many thanks tony

Tone D, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Professional service and a superior product

Just a brief note to advise my hearing aids arrived Wednesday at around 3.30pm Perth time. This is amazing service as I only ordered them early Monday.

I quickly read your letter and the instructions and within half hour or so I was wearing them. What a relief. My previous aids packed it in a few days ago — the left one last Friday and the right on Saturday and it was a such relief to get my hearing back. For 5 days my world has been very confined. Speaking to someone required them facing me, being within a few feet and speaking a little louder than normal. As for other sounds anything outside the room was not in my world. Sounds exaggerated — I can assure you it is not. Also without aids my tinnitus was driving me crazy.

My initial comments to the new aids:

  • They took a little longer to fit than my old aids, but I am sure in a week or two I will pop then easily. I found the old aids took a week or so to come to grips with the fitting of them.
  • Initially the sounds were sharper and tinny but after 3 hours of use I am finding: a) Electronic sound (TV) is clearer than before and I don’t need it turned up as high. I found with the previous aids that clarity was a problem and no matter how high I had the volume I still missed words. If I really wanted to hear a programme I used head phones. b) Peoples voices seem natural and clear. c) High pitch sounds (eg. running water from the tap, plates clanging together when washing up or a gentle tap of a knife on a plate is very sharp and loud.

I then set up the programmer last evening. I had a little trouble downloading but got there and have made some adjustment to high pitched sounds and also reduced the loudness by 2 clicks each ear. These changes have made a very noticeable improvement. I don’t think I have got it perfect yet but it is close and better than my hearing with the old aids. It is just so convenient to have the ability to make ones own adjustments.

When my old hearing aids stopped working last Friday and Saturday I was devastated and expected to have a miserable Christmas. Now I am looking forward to Christmas and so excited to see how the aids perform in a crowded environment.

In summary I like to say I am really delighted with my new aids and wish to thank you and all those involved at Blamey and Saunders for the professional service and for what so far appears to be a superior product.

Thanks again for what is to date proving to be a great product. I do hope you and the staff have an enjoyable festive season and hope your company blossoms in 2012 because if it does there will be a lot more happy hard of hearing people.

Allan Wareing, Perth WA
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

I am a lot happier now

As I click away here, I can hear clicks I never heard before!! Rex says I am a lot happier since we saw you. I can tell you it almost feels ‘normal’ again. So close it doesn't matter!!

So far, so good! Thank you very much

Maggie McKenna, Nunawading VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Better, half as expensive, I applaud you all

Thank you! I have been meaning to write to say how delighted I am with my hearing aids. They are better than any I have had since 1999 and half as expensive so I am thrilled with your company. So good to have an Australian made product, I applaud you all! I will certainly keep in touch. I look forward to reading your news (not done so yet!). Busy time of year of course!

Wishing you all the very best for the future and a Great Festive Season.

Luv! Jo

Jo Terrans, QLD
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

They certainly work and the amplification is clear

After visiting your clinic I had an easy flight home, held up a little because Crown Princess Mary was on the same flight!

The hearing aids are going fine:

I barely notice them in the physical sense. I am most impressed with the secure fitting. No hint that they might fall out, or be knocked out.

Levels of response seem to be fine. I sometimes think I should turn them down a little, then decide to leave them.

They certainly work and the amplification is clear.

I am getting used to my own speech sounding a little different, but not to the stage I ould change anything yet.

People don’t appear to notice them. The size and colour seems absolutely fine.

Overall, I am most happy with them.

Thanks for your good work yesterday, the starting settings seem to be really well balanced. Plus I’m pretty clear on fine tuning when I need it. Your explanation and the written procedures cover it very well.

Gavin Miller, TAS
Hearing aid experience: New user

Sometimes it’s the little things

I would like to comment on my use of the hearing aid.

I regard the ability to clean wax from the ear piece by the use of the plastic rod pushed down the removable tube the most valuable part of the design. Wax stoppages have proven to be the most frustating aspect of various different hearing aids that I have used in the past. So frustrating that I have previously stopped using the aids.

Yours is the best I have used and it is for this feature alone.

John Peyton, Melbourne VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

A fantastic product at an affordable price

Just letting you know that everything is going well and I have become a walking advertisement for your product!

One thing I probably didn't realise when I changed from my other brand of hearing aids to Blamey & Saunders device was that I should allow enough time to become used to the new sound. What might sound odd on day 1 becomes normal after a little while.

Thanks again for a fantastic product at an affordable price and a service which allows remote fine tuning of the devices.

Well done in all departments as far as I’m concerned.

John, Wodonga VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

By far the best I have ever used

I have to tell you that your hearing aids are by far the best I have ever used, and — I believe — the best available anywhere at any price. My hearing is at the low end of the standard range for my age, and — since I did not send you an audiogram — you supplied the aids for mid-range hearing loss. So, as supplied, they were a bit loud, but still the best I have ever used.

After I borrowed a friend’s PC to use the Programmer I was easily able to adjust the volume and frequency response to exactly what is suitable for normal hearing. Curiously enough, the tinnitus I have when NOT using hearing aids, disappears completely when using yours!

On top of everything else, your aids are outstandingly comfortable to wear!

Congratulations on creating a really outstanding product. You do your country proud!

Jim Walsh, also seen on The New Inventors :-), Sydney NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

My marital relations have improved (such good gear and wonderful service)

Here is the guff about Prof Peter Blamey’s hearing aids (as seen on ABC New Inventors) for your information.

It seems strange that one can buy a device such as this by mail/internet and that it is relatively so cheap. No doubt other audiologists will hate them, because the former (other audiologists) have enjoyed a virtual monopoly and have charged outrageously for their hearing aids — as evidenced by many of my friends who have outlaid something north of $7,000 for two.

I had a professional audiometry test which cost me $85.00 and sent it down to Blamey & Saunders with my order for two SIE [32-channel] aids, which cost me $2525.00, including shipping. They tuned the aids before sending them by mail and I have not looked back since. I am definitely a fan.

The obvious downside is — what happens when things go wrong? Melbourne is a long way away, but I surmise that since my previous aid (one cost $3200) has worked uninterrupted for seven years, then hopefully this more modern gear will last a similar time. However, I also bought their computer program and can re-tune mine myself if required. Although this may never be necessary, I am a bit of a geek and like playing with computers.

MBF will refund me $2000, so my all up cost: audiology + gear (computer program and two aids) is $895.00.

I have given the Blamey & Saunders aids a good test: in the car with passengers, at board meetings, at a Probus meeting and in a noisy restaurant (polished floor and low ceiling). My marital relations appear to have improved too; either Wife has stopped mumbling, or the gear works!

The final delight is the TV, because we no longer argue about the volume setting and I have little trouble with telephone conversations (at last).

Say no more! But thanks again for such good gear and wonderful service.

Tony MacQuillan, Yass NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Being able to hear again is wonderful

Last August I ordered a hearing aid for the left ear from you with programmer. This was after seeing your product on the ABC’s New Inventors programme. I was very pleased with it and ordered one for the other ear. The hearing aids are amazing. Being able to hear again is wonderful.

Thanks very much for a great product.

Spyro Kouvaras, QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

I can now watch the TV instead of reading it

For yearsss (yes with three s’s!) I was aware that I needed hearing aids but was under the impression that because my hearing loss is neural, aids would be of little help.

Also as a self-funded retiree was reluctant to risk up to $10,000 dollars for appliances that might not work. You do hear a lot of negative comment about them.

However I must say the world is a lot noisier than I ever remembered !

I can now watch the T.V. instead of reading it and I know that the new Children’s Hospital has a Meerkat Enclosure and not a “Kneecap Enclosure” which really did make me wonder!!

My only complaint is the noise like rustling cellophane near my ears if I touch my hair. But maybe this unavoidable with the mic.

I am generally very pleased that I have so much improvement in my hearing at such a price.

Robyn, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Thank you Blamey Saunders hears!

Although not in denial of a hearing problem I avoided getting a hearing aid due to the decades of frustration that my late mother experienced.

After reading a recent magazine review I was impressed enough to obtain an LOF unit for my bad ear (R).

The result has been dramatic to say the least and the settings as shipped are fine. I may use the programmer later but not until I am completely ‘acclimatised’

Most times I forget I am wearing it and certainly notice the improvement in keeping up with conversations in busy surroundings as I believe that the new ‘stereo awareness’ directs my attention towards the person speaking. Whilst driving I now hear my turn indicator which is located in the RH portion of the dashboard, much to the relief of my wife who had to remind me frequently that I had not cancelled it. Also handy to now be able to use the telephone in either ear.

The comprehensive packaging with good documentation and accessories was appreciated. Great product, great price!. Several friends are now watching my reactions with interest, including one who confided to me that he keeps his H.A. in his pocket most of the time.

Ken Baker, Ringwood VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

My Hi-Fi speakers are OK after all

Thank you for my hearing aids that arrived within a few days of ordering, programmed to my audiogram which I emailed with the order. I was amazed at the sound quality right from the start.

I was reluctant to buy on line at first so decided to try another brand from a local hearing centre who were offering a 14 day free trial. My main requirement was something to improve my hearing in noisy people situations and for watching TV. Unfortunately they did not meet these requirements so I returned them. At this stage I was about to give up when my family talked me into giving Blamey Saunders hears a try. I’m so pleased I did. These aids perform very well in noisy situations and are excellent for watching TV and DVDs.

After using your hearing aids for a couple of days I decided to install and try the software even though I was satisfied with the performance out of the box. I found the software easy to install and very user friendly. The initial equalising and volume setup only required a slight adjustment to the volume and going through the Questionnaire section fine-tuned the sound quality to be even more natural.

Although four programs settings are available I found that I needed only two: program one for Everyday settings and program two at a slightly higher volume for watching TV with my wife who has excellent hearing. I notice too that my wife does not mumble anymore.

We have a very good quality Hi-Fi system and I was very, very surprised at the tremendous sound quality of your aids, even at high volume levels. The sound is very clean with no noticeable distortion. I have a frequency response test CD and I can now hear to 6kHz with no noticeable attenuation and to 8kHz with some noticeable attenuation. Without the aids I cannot hear beyond 4kHz. I have not heard music sound this good for years.

I recently had to make do with only one hearing aid for a couple of days for reasons I won’t bore you with and during that time I noticed a loss of directivity and a slight hearing unbalancing effect which is difficult to explain. I’m pleased I purchased two aids.

Thank you for a tremendous product.

Nevil, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

These hearing aids are ideal for me

I regard my hearing loss as mild to moderate, classified normal for age! A slippery slope from lows to highs.

I am an anatomical pathologist who has worked in rural laboratories for many years (age 66). I went to Adelaide to obtain a certificate in diving medicine a few years ago and have supported the local recreational diving industry for several years until medicals were replaced by self audit questionnaires.

I plugged my own audiogram into your software, found the results a bit harsh (unfamiliarity with lost sounds) and fine tuned it.

I have been doing sound work with local jazz bands and I now have a clarity of sound that was missing. I should be able to do the job better.

Work is a different problem. I have been oblivious to much of the noise of the machinery in the medical laboratory. I had to take the hearing aids on the first day because the background noise was too distracting.

I was involved in a Marine Rescue Search and Rescue exercise over the weekend. The first day was a seminar/theory training session in an auditorium. For the first time in a while I missed nothing and felt engaged. And when I need to rest I take them out and the twitters recede. Best of both worlds.

I am going to have a play with the T-loop (Program 2). With marine rescue I may be able to set up audio to one ear so I can monitor radio traffic without annoying those around me. The hands free units use ear buds, but your T-loop seems to mix with internal microphone audio, so no loss or special requirements (as per the Silicon Chip articles on audio loops). Having a long term interest in electronics and IT these hearing aids are ideal for me.

As I get used to this product the more I like it. Knowing I can adapt it to my circumstances is important.

I hope this feedback is of interest.

Anthony, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

The world had come alive with sound

Thank you for the LOF aids which arrived promptly on 20th September together with the programming equipment. I immediately put them on and went for a walk outdoors. My immediate impression was that the world had come alive with sounds that I had not heard clearly for years. Subsequently I found that things such as bird song, running water, footsteps on gravel and clocks ticking were much more noticeable. Speech was more easily understood and coping with groups of people all talking at once is now much easier than it used to be.

I used the programming equipment and was able to tweak the settings to my liking without any difficulty. Being able to revert to the original factory setting is great safeguard for those of us who like to experiment!

Feedback is virtually non existent being at the worst just a brief chirp.

Congratulations on an excellent product marketed in a friendly manner and at an affordable price.

John Dawson, Melbourne VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Excellent product at a fantastic price

It was with some trepidation that I decided to purchase new hearing aids from Blamey Saunders hears, but I do not regret my choice. Far from it! An innovative approach using the Internet keeps costs down and makes purchasing easier than conventional apparatus.

The product itself is excellent, and miles better than my old hearing aids. I particularly like not having to have a custom made ear plug with all the bother that entails. Further I find the method adopted by Blamey & Saunders much more comfortable to wear for extended periods and I am no longer bothered by sweating which occurs in warm weather when wearing an ear plug.

The sound quality is wonderful. Last night at dinner my sister was about 7 meters away with her back to me, and I heard what she said! I used to dread having to use, or rather trying to use the phone, but now it’s a doddle. The product works just as well with the phone as normally, and changing programs with the wand is much easier than pushing tiny buttons!

When I first tried them, I went outside, and they started making funny noises. “Rats” I thought, “These are no good. I’ll have to send them back”. Then I realized I was hearing brid-song, for the first time in ten years.

All in all, an excellent product at fantastic price which I would not hesitate to recommend.

Simon Jackson, Cockatoo VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Able to hear in difficult situations

I have had my new aid for over a month now and would like to thank you for it.

I have been using aids for more years than I care to remember, this being the third addition and by far the best and the least expensive.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours and thank you again for the ability to hear a convesation in a difficult situation.

Yours truly ……………

Wal Peacock, Mt Barker WA
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Amazed at the improvement

Hello. I recently purchased a SIE aid from you for my left ear. I am extremely happy with the performance of the hearing aid. I previously had a completely in canal aid which cost nearly three times the price of your aid. I was never completely happy with it and had many maintenance problems. Your aid performs so much better in all respects than my previous aid. Every time I fit the aid I am amazed at the improvement in my hearing in all situations. The software was easy to use and only took two attempts to program the aid to my satisfaciton.

I will definately be purchasing one for my right ear!

Feel free to publish my comments. Hopefully they may help others to try your product.

Gordon Wallace, Kalimna VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Not afraid to be with people

Dear Daniel,

I can now go out with company and join in conversations with people without being in fear of misunderstanding what is being said.

I have been using these aids for a few weeks and now find I cannot go anywhere without them.

Speaking with people is a lot easier. I don’t have to ask my friends to repeat themselves.

I had not realised how much my hearing had deteriorated until I started using the “Blamey & Saunders" hearing aids.

Listening to music is once again joyful. My old vinyl records again sound as good as they did 40 years ago.

The ability to set up individual programs and do custom settings myself for specific situation is a great plus & I don’t know other brands that allow this level of independence.

I have owned other hearing aids that cost me nearly three times as much that only had very ordinary performance.

In all, I am glad to own them and more than happy with the exceptional and personal service I received from you.

Thank you very much.

Charles Camilleri, Sydney NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Great value performance that is light years ahead

Thought you would like to know that I am delighted with my purchase. Their performance is light years ahead of the Brand X units acquired in 2006 despite the very many efforts of the adiologist supplier to tune them to my satisfaction.

Determining the proper tubing lenght via the templates provided, ability to supply one’s audiogram by fax/ mail & completion of on-line ordering, all could not be easier.

Delivery was surprisingly prompt, a matter of just a few days.

I carefully retained the packaging in case I had to utilise the 14 day money back trial period, but by the end of the first day of wearing, I had forgotten they were there & I was sold.

The provision of wax stops is a most usefull development as is the simple way to change volume & programs.

Power consumption seems low so battery life appears to be much longer than my previous imported aids.

Great value for the outlay, which is less than half the cost of current imports.

Hard of hearing people should be beating a pathway to your door.

Good luck with your further development of this technology.

Alan Owen, Melbourne VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

It ain’t necessarily so

Just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with my new hearing aids, they are much better than the other (Model X) aids I trialed for a week and a half. I noticed the difference straight away. I purchased the software also but to date I haven’t used it, I thought I would see how the preloaded program went first although I might have a play with it later. When I decided to bite the bullet and buy hearing aids I was told the more expensive the aid the better it would be but this is not necessarily the case. Top of the range Brand X ($9,800.00 pair) verses Blamey Saunders Hears ($2,500.00 pair) Your aids are fantastic and a fraction of the cost which is a real bonus.

Thank you and best regards.

Lindsay Bennett, Regional NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Wife is pleased, world is happy

Have now had hearing aids for 2 months. I am very pleased, my wife is very pleased — all the world is happy.

I have adjusted and given myself 4 programs but find I can manage very well with one program & altering the volume as needed.

My major problem (such as it was) was the noise from A/C fans and background road noise in the car. Am working my way around that.

Frank B, Brisbane QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Absolutely go for it

Thanks for the hearing aids I received a couple of months ago — they are absolutely awesome.

Ashley Wescott, Sydney NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

I can set them as I want them, live in the real world

Thank you so much for making these hearing aids available. I have used hearing aids for about 17 years (gone through 3 pairs plus tried some cheapie email ones from China) and the new ones from you are the best ever. Also by far the cheapest of the real ones.

I have tried several times, over the last year and a bit, to get my aids adjusted by my audiologist so they suit me. Each time the professional is satisfied with them based on what happens in a soundproof room but that is very different when you are in a meeting room with people addressing the meeting quietly from 5 metres away and an air-conditioner about 1 metre behind you! Or even several people all talking at the same time.

Adjusting these new aids myself, I could set them as I wanted them. First according to the instructions. Then, after going and trying them out in the real world, by the questionnaire (plus a little increase in volume). Now I can participate in normal discussion again after a couple of years or so of having always to get people to repeat what they said. I expect I will fiddle with them a bit more because I am an inveterate fiddler. Also because I need a different (louder) program for my CEO, than for other people and on these aids I can do that.

So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

David Grugeon, Thargomindah QLD
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

A revelation to me

Dear Elaine,
Can I say your hearing aids are marvellous. The clarity of speech I now detect is extraordinary. Additionally, the clear, crisp reassuring sounds of cotton brushing on cotton, door latches clicking into position, and birdsong are all a revelation to me. It’s as though I have been transported back to the way it was for me in the first 20 years of my life until 1977. Conversation with a group of people is dramatically enhanced. One on one communications are better as I never have to ask people to repeat themselves — yet this is only after 24 hours of use. I have already started to forward your website details to people who could also benefit from your products and services.

Thank you for everything

Michael McGarvie, Melbourne VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Adjusting it myself is fantastic

I think your hearing aid in my left ear is fantastic. I had long since come to the conclusion I was never going to have a satisfactory outcome from my previous one (a very expensive other brand) unless I could adjust it myself. After countless visits to an audiologist to have adjustments made it was always distorted and of little benefit to me. With your SIE the distortion has gone. I am still having some problems with background noise but am hoping with a second hearing aid this may improve some more.

Ian Merrylees, Riverina NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Not embarrassed with easier listening

I read somewhere about Australia Hears (now Blamey Saunders hears) and thought it’s too good to be true but I had to try it out for myself as my hearing loss was starting to become embarrassing, I had been leaning over tables so much to catch what people were saying and nearly ending up in their lap.

Cutting a long story short, I ordered my hearing aids through Blamey Saunders hears and received them a short time later by post. All I had to do was put the batteries in and fit them on. Wow!!!! what a difference, and all so easy. Thank you all at Blamey Saunders hears, you have another very happy, hearing customer.

Sandy V-M, Creek NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Claudia is very happy

I have adjusted to my hearing aids instantly and I'm can hear extremely well. I also wrote an email to Silicon Chip magazine about it. Very happy with them.

Thanks for your prompt action.

Claudia Templeton, Queensland
Hearing aid experience: New user

Making hearing happen again (life changing)

Firstly, the service provided by Blamey Saunders hears is second to none — I asked the impossible, that I get the hearing aid delivered in a couple of days so that I could have it for a conference, and you made it happen! Thanks so much.

It is difficult to express how much I love the hearing aid. I have had two ‘ear bud’ type aids in the past and I couldn’t stand the feel of them in my ears and the sound was distorted so consequently, I never really wore them for any time. As a subscriber to Silicon Chip Magazine I was excited when I read about your product. I started to read on-line blogs and I just had to try it. What a fantastic hearing aid — after about 5 minutes I forgot it was in my ear! I can hear again! My wife is so happy that we don’t have the TV and radio turned up full blast — I can even hear her when she is talking to me from another room in the house. I was impressed that, not being able to supply you with an audiogram and just advising you of my high frequency loss of hearing, how perfect your default setting was when I received the aid. I could not be happier… thank you so much. Trust me that I will be spreading the good word about how Blamey Saunders hears has changed my life.

Joe, Mittagong NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Very satisfied Menieres sufferer

Before purchasing I asked the Menieres support group for any feedback on the Blamey & Saunders hearing aids, but they did not know of anybody with experience of them. I would be happy to say that I am very satisfied with their performance to date and your prompt and pleasant attention to detail and would urge other Menieres sufferers to consider them.

David Locke, VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Norman loves our hearing aids

I love the hearing aids. I’ve had the devices for a week now and you can’t have them back!

Norman Hughes, Flinders VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

My quality of life had been restored

Wow. I received my hearing aids a couple of weeks ago, inserted the batteries and experienced a range of sounds I had not heard for a long time (including my wife’s talking, thank goodness for the volume control). WOW again.

I am a young man of 50, who has been plagued with hearing problems for some years commonly known as industrial deafness. But the price, stigma and not willing to admit I had a problem prevented me from seeking help!

When my family & friends had finally had enough of me asking them to repeat what they had said, I knew I had to do something (more for them … not for me… or so I thought).

I contacted Blamey & Saunders, and it was so easy, within 2 weeks my quality of life had been restored.

Don’t put it off… Don’t be in denial… it’s a decision you will never, never regret.

Ken Denholm, WA
Hearing aid experience: New user

Travel is easier when you can hear the ticket seller

Thankyou very much for organising my consignment which arrived yesterday. Very impressed with the packaging and the layout and worked through the instructions early this morning.

Put the aid together … battery and speaker end piece and tried it for the first time tonight. Wow … I didn't think it could be so responsive … so really appreciating hearing those long lost sounds!! Physical comfort seems ideal and sits in quite satisfactorily with the wings of my glasses too.

I checked your website some months back and was impressed with the level of information and was growing interested. The attractive cost compared to other purveyors was a big plus and the level of interaction available to the client helped too.

There were several things that hastened the decision. Firstly, I couldn't hear the explanation given by one of the ticket seller (behind glass) at Southern Cross Station a couple of months ago and secondly Ross Tester’s article in the July issue of Silicon Chip was greatly appreciated and I could easily identify with his situation and his initial hesitation.

Really appreciate this in readiness for overseas travel which begins this Sunday.

Richard, Hobart Tasmania
Hearing aid experience: New user

Hearing again at work and socially is … life changing

Please publish these comments too. I would love to think that I have helped other people to reenter society and experience what I have with your product. I know that when I was researching your product that I read comments from people who had been wearing aids before they purchased yours as they would be able to give the best comparisons.

Four days on, I am still very happy. This is changing my life. I can now go out for dinner with friends and join in conversation where previously all I could hear was chewing. I have found major advantages at work. Being able to take a full part in conversations and discussions without having to ask people to repeat themselves.

Being able to follow conversations at meal times is wonderful and I don't feel socially ostracised any more. Lunch time meetings were very difficult but not any more! Even joining normal conversations or discussions at work is easier. I just can’t tell you how much this means to me. I feel as if I have rejoined society again.

Anyone who has not had hearing loss cannot know how socially ostracising it is.

You have changed my life.

Thank you all

Liz Naseby (second review 4 days later), Coutts Crossing , NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

I can enjoy singing again

To the wonderful people at Blamey & Saunders, a HUGE thank you.

I have worn hearing aids for about 8 years. My last ones cost me just short of $10,000 and they were the best available. My audiometrist told me six months ago that there was nothing better for me to use. I received my Blamey & Saunders aids yesterday with a programme loaded from an audiogram done six years ago.

They are wonderful!

I have done no adjustment (I’ll wear them for a few days then decide if I need adjustment).

I turned the subtitles OFF on my tv last night!!

I can eat and chew and still hear what is going on around me. This was not possible with my old aids which had the full earpiece.

I can enjoy singing again as my voice is no longer echoing in my head.

I just cannot believe the difference.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Liz Naseby, Coutts Crossing, NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Hearing friends in public is truly wonderful

Thank you for your wonderful hearing aids. My son is coming next week to help me programme them, but even now, the difference is amazing.

I had put off buying hearing aids for too long I know — but now the embarrassment of being unable to hold a conversation with friends in a busy environment has gone. When I am introduced at a public speaking forum I can actually hear and understand what the announcer is saying!

Please be free to publish my comments — doing so will surely help those like myself — thinking about it and worrying about just another “thing” to remember — teeth — reading glasses — car keys — and now hearing aids! But the reality is, my new hearing aids have made such a difference to my quality of life that any perceived inconvenience is soon forgotten. I live in a park-like environment with lots of birds and wild life constantly in view — I never fully appreciated how much chatter is going on all the time!

Making hearing aids available to everyone at an affordable price is truly a wonderful thing you have done.

Humphrey Firkins, Chairman, The Goda Foundation, Hope Island, QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Join the conversion without saying “aye?”

Thank you for sending the hearing aids to Bruce so promptly.

Bruce is very pleased with them. We went out to dinner on Saturday night and all our friends were very impressed because he could join in the conversion without saying aye.

We appreciate your service very much, and we will be highly recommending to our friends.

Jan and Bruce Smith, Wodonga VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Amazing how much technology went into such a small device (a joy to use)

Dear People at Blamey Saunders hears,

Thank you for dispatching my SIE hearing aids so promptly. In the short time of a few days, these aids have done everything what it is supposed to do perfectly and I can tell you I am very happy with them. It is amazing how much technology went into such a small device.

The software on the DVD is an absolute joy to use. It is simple to install on the pc and adjustment can be made to the hearing aids within minutes.

My previous experience with traditional hearing aids is that they sounded unnatural and not at all comfortable. Therefore I have stayed away from having them. As I like listening to music so when I learnt of the concept of Blamey & Saunders hearing aids on ABC New Inventors, I thought it sounded like the solution to my problems. As it turned out I wasn’t wrong.

I have always suspected that I have a tonal hearing issue as I can hear some people better than others. When I started tuning the hearing aids, it showed that the third tone from the left is the loudest (for both ears). I adjusted all the other tones up using the third tone as a reference. Incidentally, my right ear is slightly more deficient than the left. What I found is that this all I have to do as even a slight lift in volume would be too loud. The result is amazing; I can now hear everything without the sound being louder. Is there such a thing as “tone deaf”?

After further adjustments with the sound wizard and the questionnaire, the hearing aids are very comfortable to have on. I forget having them on most of the time. And they are almost invisible; so far no one has noticed them.

Congratulation Blamey & Saunders for a job well done.

Keng Loh, QLD
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Join the conversation again

I have just spoken to Dad: he said he is "blown away" by the difference the hearing aids have made to him. Last night he had to ask for the TV to be turned down, rather than up louder. My brother and his wife took Mum & Dad to a local restaurant and for the first time in he doesn’t know how long, he could hear what was being said at the table rather than watching people’s lips move and not being involved in the conversation.

He can’t say how grateful he is to you Elaine, Peter and Daniel at Blamey & Saunders for the change it has already made. Since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s he has acted as though he is just marking time until he dies. Now he has started living again.

Although he won’t wear them when cutting wood with a bandsaw!

Amanda and her Dad, Melbourne VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Tiny hearing aid performs big things

I’m impelled to let you know how Blamey Saunders hears has given me a true boost in the “hearing” department. I was sceptical that such a tiny aid could perform at the level your company indicated & but it sure does!

Treat this as a sincere, yet unsolicited testitmonial, to use as you see fit.

Robert Walker, Mt Ommaney, QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Giving hearing to Australians

We received the hearing aids thanks and they are working well, Andy loves them.

We were looking at purchasing one hearing aid each year because of finances so you can imagine how fantastic it is to be able to afford both together AND buy Australian products. Thanks so much for giving middle class Australians their hearing. —Brigi

Brigid McKechnie (and Andrew), Sunshine Coast QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Following conversations without asking my wife, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that

Struggle to hear… no more.

This is the first night of trying out hearing aids on both ears… I’m blown away how well they work. I had seen on the show of the New Inventors how they had invented a self fitting hearing system.

Once fitted, they are virtually invisible, they fit behind the ear with the tiniest of tubes into the ear canals. My daughter, one of the most observant people I know, had no idea I was wearing them and had to come up close to see.

It comes with a computer program to set it to levels that are comfortable, and you can ask Blamey & Saunders to set it to starting levels predetermined by your hearing test. I choose to set it myself, which turned out to be too loud. However I was able to revert back to the first setting, to suit my moderate hearing difficulties and it’s perfect. Must read the paraphernalia that comes with it to better understand the settings but the first result is great.

Been out for dinner and was able to follow all conversations, without having to ask my wife, now that’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that. I can even wear them in the car without it being disturbing. These were half the price of most decent hearing aids offered to me. About 9 years ago I wore a $6000+ system from a shop and hated them, returned the units and went overseas with the money.

Stay tuned for more info as I get used to wearing them.

Anton van de Zandt, Gundaroo NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Now I can be a primary school teacher

I just wanted to say thank you. I was born hard of hearing with moderate to severe hearing loss and for the first time I actually feel like I have good hearing like every other person.

I am currently studying to be a primary school teacher and I was very nervous about my first teaching prac with my old hearing aids, but now I have Blamey & Saunders’ hearing aids I’m amazed with the humongous difference it has made to my hearing. Everything is so clear; I'm hearing alot of things for the first time. You have given me hope in realising my dream, to be a primary school teacher. I thankyou all from the bottom of my heart!

I’m just ecstatic about the results, I feel like I’m not even deaf anymore, even my work mates have noticed a huge difference since day one, and I didn’t even tell them about the new hearing aids! That is a big credit to you guys, keep it up, and I’ll never buy hearing aids any where else!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Ramona Griffin, Gelorup Western Australia
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Helping hobbyists hear

I have a pair of LOF hearing aids from Blamey & Saunders. Last week I wore them to the my ornamental wood turners club, and I could hear the spoken explanation while the lathe was running. I’m happy and I can hear the difference.

John Krook, Blue Mountains NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Life without asking people to repeat themselves is a joy

I have had hearing aids for a number of years — none of which helped much. My hearing loss is a little unusual apparently because I have lost a lot of the low tones. None of my previous providers seemed able to set a program which compensated for this loss and no amount of adjustment made much difference.

After contacting Dr Daniel Taft, I decided to take a chance and try the Blamey & Saunders Aids. I couldn’t be happier! The acid test was when I met a friend a day or two ago. This person has a very deep voice and conversation has always been difficult, with both of us more or less giving up after a while. On this occasion, we talked normally for a good while, despite the background noises in the coffee shop. My friend’s comment — “It’s a miracle!” My sentiments exactly. I may even get back into going to concerts, plays, etc, something I had given up several years ago.

I haven’t quite learnt to customise the programs yet, but even if I never do master it I am much better off than I was with my previous hearing aids and life without asking people to repeat themselves ad infinitum is a joy.

Jill F, Grovedale Victoria
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

A triumph

We went to a symphony concert by the MSO and Richard said he heard every part of the Tchaikovsky 4th symphony — this is something we had given up on in the past. This is a new window opened for us.

So thank you — they are a triumph — the $10,000.00 set is in the cupboard. Thank you all so much.

William Murdoch, for Richard O’Dwyer, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Back in touch with the world as it really is

Born in England as one of identical twins in 1929, we both settled in Australia in 1957 as English lawyers and in about 1960 formed the firm Young & Young of which I am an equal partner with brother, Clive, in Bunbury WA, although, whilst Clive still works full time, I am partly retired.

Although we are lawyers, our joint main interest has always been physics and electronics, and when about 17 we made a small radio-controlled boat, with valves, sequencers, inverters, rectifiers and various other gizmos. I think we must have been one of the first to make a model motor torpedo boat that we could send off into the sea, and all sorts of things including firing torpedoes, powered by compressed CO2 in little metal bottles used for pressurising soda syphons. I only tell you this to explain that we do know something about early electronics before the birth of transistors, printed circuits and now, much more, and our two years National Service was spent lecturing in electronics, although by that time we were already qualified lawyers.

Imagine, therefore, my frustration in not being able to take control of my previous hearing aids.

Thus, you can understand why I said I was excited waiting for your inventions, after reading all about it in the newspaper. Recently, I saw both of you on New Inventors.

I am quite delighted with my purchase.

I felt obliged to lend the aids to my twin brother and he and his wife have tried them, his wife complaining that the sound was too “toppy” and my having to keep reminding her that they were programmed for MY hearing and if they buy them, they can borrow my programmer in exchange for their lending me their Windows Laptop to save my having to programme my second programme for the theatre, so I think your firm will hear from them in due course with appropriate orders.

I have sung your praises to my colleagues (one of whom has just spent $10,000 on a pair of hearing aids which are not a patch on mine).

I think it totally absurd to suggest that a reasonably intelligent person, with the super programming instructions you supply, is not able to programme his own hearing aids as an alternative to a third party questioning the listener and programming accordingly. Certainly my past aids have been supplied without enough or the right questions asked, and I congratulate your firm. You are welcome to use me as a referee.

My euphoric feeling on having tested these aids has made me go on a bit, for which I apologise. You have put me back in touch with the world as it really is.

Thank you and good luck (although I hardly think you need it).

Campbell Young, WA
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

This is a real breakthrough product

I had put off the idea of getting a hearing aid because I was never satisfied with the technology… I have done a lot of experimenting to find a solution but of course could never hope to make something as small as yours.

When people said to me (wife etc) that I should do something I usually replied when someone can put the equivalent of two graphic equalisers and a decent limiter into a small enough package I will get one! And I have.

The programmer works well and it is very easy to experiment with different settings. Being able to set 4 different programs into the aid’s memory is brilliant and allows me to cater for most of the situations I find myself in. This is a real breakthrough product. The battery life is suprisingly good and is very easy to change.

I am thrilled with the results.

Stewart Little, Blue Mountains, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

You can adjust them in a restaurant

I have gratefully received the hearing aids. Tried them out in a Restaurant last night and am generally very happy, as is my wife.

My EeePC netbook handles the IHearYou® software very happily (it uses Windows XP). Very happy with the hearing aids and am using them whilst awake.

Frank B, Tarragindi QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

A blessing at work and at home

I ordered my hearing aids two days after the media coverage on 29 April, after my wife watched the ABC program, and I'd checked your website. May I say that I’ve been delighted with the appliances. They have made such a difference in my work as a pastor here in Canberra… And I don't have to keep asking my wife to repeat things!

Keep up the great work, and every blessing upon your business.

Peter G, Canberra
Hearing aid experience: New user

Theatres, concerts, and cocktail parties

I have now been using my new hearing aids for about 4 weeks at rehearsals (I am an actor), in the theatre, concert hall, watching tv, dinner/cocktail parties, at home, listening to music on the radio walking outside and in some really difficult situations such as a noisy building site.

In general I am very satisfied and surprised at the difference when compared to my six years old hearing aids (from another brand). I have not yet really mastered the “controls” of my new aids but the apparent automatic selection of what I want to hear often surprises me. Also, I suffer from quite bad left ear tinnitus caused by excessive .303 rifle fire 63 years ago without any protection. I may be kidding myself but since using the new aids the tinnitus scream seems markedly less.

I was about to spend just twice the amount you quoted me for a new pair of aids when I saw the now famous ABC news item. Fortunately I was able to cancel my order without penalty and I am therefore delighted with your product and service. I am a grateful and satisfied user.

Oliver B, NSW
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Hearing across the Tasman

I’ve been wearing aids for about 15 years and in all that time have only been frustrated with the results. Wearing them only because there was a marginal improvement and they cost so much I would have felt bad not using them. So when our beloved A.C.C. decided to remove the subsidy for noise damaged patients it was the best thing that could have happened as I ended up with your aids.

I can only thank you for your talents and for accepting the challenge to make great hearing aids.

Methinks NZ needs you very badly too so all the best for the future and many thanks from me.

Tim Brandon, New Zealand
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Onto a winner

I was enthusiastic about these hearing aids the minute I got them. They came in the mail pre-programmed, I just popped the batteries in and it was Welcome Back to the World of Sound. I heard things I'd forgotten about, like my footsteps, rustling of clothes, water dripping etc. I was so happy I took the wife to the pub for dinner and had a little flutter at the pokies later and the sound of coins dropping in my tray was amazing!!

This company is Sensational!!! Their high level on innovative technology and the quality and clarity of the sound their aids produce is terrific. They’ve got to be the best hearing aid company in Australia and probably the world. And their after-sales service is outstanding and very personal and user friendly. Tell all your friends about this company and don’t let them buy hearing aids from anyone else!!

Raymond Fisher, Brighton, Victoria
Hearing aid experience: New user

Extremely satisfied with excellent value and service

I recently purchased an LOF aid, with accessories, from Blamey Saunders hears, on-line.

I have been extremely satisfied with both the hearing aid itself and with the excellent service and prompt responses to my queries from the BSH technical staff.

The computer software to adjust the aid is quite simple to install, and the instructions provided are easy to follow and allow fine-tuning to suit a range of hearing difficulties. Anyone who is basically computer literate should have no problems in adjusting the aid using the (optional) programmer package.

I would, however, recommend a prospective purchaser to obtain a current audiogram and send a copy to Blamey Saunders hears at the time of ordering. This allows them to set up the aid initially so that subsequent adjustments at home should be relatively minor.

Excellent value and service from Blamey Saunders hears!

BG, Western Australia
Hearing aid experience: New user

Taking it overseas (so natural I forgot it was there)

Got the LOF hearing aid and it is working much better than my previous brand — sounds are much more natural and I don’t feel uncomfortable with the aid — in fact I forgot that it was there on a number of occassions. This is good progress.

I am taking the hearing aid and IHearYou® programmer overseas to show a relative. Will let you know if my relative (actually it is my mother) likes it. If so, I will let her keep it and order another one for myself when I get back.

Matthew, Wantira VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

He can hear me now

Thank you very much! Anthony can hear me now! He even adjusted his hearing aid a bit on his work computer and now things sound even better. Anthony has noticed a world of difference. Blamey Saunders hears have been nothing but helpful and I will recommend them to everyone.

Anne Taylor, Narrandera NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Effective and extremely good value for money

Just a little review on the aid I purchased from you.

I have been very happy with the performance — especially with the ability to adjust the aid to my own preferences.

When I first received it — I found the levels too low for my hearing loss. Thankfully, the AHPro3 box and IHearYou® software was a godsend in enabling me to programme to my personal loss. This is possibly the greatest benefit — other than the obvious technical merits of the hearing aid.

I am more than happy to be counted as a testimonial to the efficacy of the aid and the extremely good value for money your company offers.

Well done!

Michael Arnett, Narre Warren VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Impressed right away

The hearing aid arrived today and it worked straight out of the box. I’m very impressed. I won’t need to adjust it much, perhaps reduce the high frequencies a bit.

Dr Paul O’Keeffe, Sydney NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

My friends have witnessed the change in my hearing ability

Other very expensive hearing aids didn't work for me… just caused me much anger!

Thank you Blamey & Saunders. I am delighted with my new hearing aids. Many of my ‘deaf’ friends are anxious to get in touch with you as they have witnessed the change in my hearing ability.

Keep up the good work.

Monica Hodgson, Surrey Hills VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Now more sociable and I love having the chance to program them myself.

I am extremely happy with my new hearing aids. The best word to describe my hearing using them is ‘natural’. I am amazed that the technology is so good. Everyone I show them to comments firstly on how unnoticeable they are, and then remarks on all the problems some elderly relatives had with their hearing aids. They are astounded when I say I love them, and have no issues with them at all.

I was finding that my hearing loss was making me less sociable. On a daily basis, I wasn’t enjoying talking to people any more, and I recognised that this was not a good thing. I got my doctor to refer me to an audiologist and obtained a copy of my report. They told me not to bother with their cheaper hearing aids ($4,000) which were older technology, and could only let me try the top of the line, ($10,000) which seemed very good, but I didn’t want to spend that amount, and would not enjoy wearing them in case I lost them. I thought I might go for something middle of the range, but luckily found your website when trying to source a cheaper option. So I am delighted with the quality and price of yours, which I would say is probably as good as their $10,000 pair. I love having the chance to program them myself and make the small adjustments that you would normally have to go and see the audiologist for.

So you have one very happy and grateful customer on your hands. Thank you.

Diane A.
Hearing aid experience: New user

Now enjoying hearing the smaller birds sing

Many thanks for your helpful assistance in my acquisition of the hearing aids. I am very happy with their performance and comfort; they are so confortable that I almost forget to take them out before I go to bed. Should my hearing or lifestyle change I know I have the software as a backup.

I have always been able to hear the galahs and cockatoos but am now enjoying hearing the smaller birds sing and can understand why my dog stands barking under the trees when they do, previously I thought it was just bad canine behaviour.

My family and I are very grateful for your help … equal on both sides I can assure you. I hope you and your company do very well and wish you and it all the best.

Margaret Lea
Hearing aid experience: New user

Hearing the mumblers at committee meetings

Having listened to Prof Blamey on TV, I felt that the Hearing Aids would be of help to me — not when listening to ordinary conversation, but at Committee meetings, as I felt that some people were mumbling as I could not hear them distinctly. I sat closer to them, but they still seemed to mumble.

Hearing tests had proved that I had some hearing loss but I was reluctant to spend $4,000–$10,000 just for Committee meetings. So, the affordability of Blamey & Saunders’ hearing Aids certainly appealed to me. The technology sounded good as it has a shared heritage with the cochlear ear implant. I was very impressed with all the explanations I was given and the method by which Blamey & Saunders’ hearing aids can be adjusted to my particular need. I appreciated the ease of fitting the aids. At home that day I suddenly discovered sounds that I had not heard for years — the tick of the clocks, the drip of water as the fridge automatically de-frosted — and I will now hear the song of the Blue Wrens more clearly. Perhaps I do need to wear my new hearing aids all the time!

Shirley aged 84 years
Hearing aid experience: New user

Very happy to find Blamey Saunders hears

I had realized about a year ago, or rather the family and of course my wife had insisted, that I had better get my hearing checked.

My audiogram showed that I had moderate hearing loss in the area associated with conversations with female voices (strange after nearly 50 years of noisy family life and three children and a dog). More to the point the results showed the effects of my time, 50 years ago, serving an apprenticeship in installing engines into large merchant ships as they were being built and fitted out. In those days safety hats, boots, goggles etc were non existent. The noise of the pneumatic chisels, hammers and grinders on the vessels hull meant that you had to lip read or speak mouth to ear. Hearing protection was unheard of.

This experience has made me so much more aware of the damage that youngsters of today must be doing to themselves listening to their portable sound systems and portable phones that I can hear a good 4/5 metres away and they are using ear buds.

An audiogram a year later showed that the result was stable but I decided to do the rounds of those dealing with hearing aids. I am 71 years old, not a returned service man nor am I the holder of a special health card and my health insurance did not cover. This made me very much aware of the costs of hearing aids and the way I was being pushed into buying a pair of aids at $6000.00 each. OK they could communicate with NASA and Interpol and turn the kettle on and off. They didn’t open the garage door however, and that I thought, was a major negative! I was overjoyed when I saw and then heard your TV marketing release on the 24th of April. I had considered on line buying from the US or eBay but who would service them?

I am very happy with my purchase of two SIE312 and your service. I find the fine tuning software very easy to use and to date have remembered to remove them prior to a shower.

There is one point you may like to include somewhere in your new users guide and that is get your ears checked by a doc for wax before you start. I didn’t till it became uncomfortable — what a difference.

If you asked me what was the major benefit of using the hearing aids it would be that I can now hear the dog fart and move away before the odour hits. The world is a noisy place

David Ferry, Sydney
Hearing aid experience: New user

Makes listening easier

Just a quick thank you for despatching the hearing aids and programmer so promptly. After a couple of experimental attempts, I think I have got my needs all sorted with the aid of your clear instructions.

They are easy to wear and I have already got quite used to them.

Susie, Redland Bay Queensland
Hearing aid experience: New user

Learning to drive a great product

I hesitated for years about ordering hearing aids, and I’m very pleased to have taken the step. The hearing aid package arrived yesterday and am having great fun learning to drive it… many thanks for a great product, well marketed with excellent support.

I have placed a mat over the shower door as a reminder to take them out for the first few days or weeks…maybe that’s a tip for new users?

Doug Allisone, Cooroy QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

My wife and children are delighted too

I would like to express my great delight with my new hearing aid from Blamey Saunders hears, Daniel was great to deal with right from the start. After receiving my aid (in quick delivery time I might add) with all the information the aid was easily fitted.

My hearing has increased so much that I don’t have any problems now whether it be watching TV or in a crowd of people, not to mention the delight it has given my wife and children, not having to yell at me anymore. Thank you very much to all the team at Blamey Saunders hears, good luck in the future with your great company I would recommend you to everyone.

Dave Williams, Ballarat
Hearing aid experience: New user

The news is easier to follow

I’m delighted and very pleased with the sound quality. I’ve tried two other without any effect, and I find this one much superior. As an aside, the ABC midday news sounds less muddy and I don’t need to concentrate as hard to understand as I used to.

A Thompson, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Australia Heros

I am both a student at Uni and a teacher.

I have received my hearing aids and I would like to thank you for making it possible for me to hear again. I never knew how bad my hearing was until I put these in and then took them out. The difference is amazing. I went to school and wow I can hear the kids talking to me. For a change people are saying parden to me because I talk softer.

I think it is amazing that you have made it possible for people to be able to feel normal. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much. I feel human for the first time in years and I dont feel embarrassed or different. You are truly my heros.

Candi Brown, Perth
Hearing aid experience: New user

Back on the phone

I wore a different brand and found they were useless with the telephone unless I used speaker phone (most inconvenient). Am now trialling Blamey & Saunders’ hearing aids outside today, guess it will take time to adjust for best settings, so far, I am greatly impressed, hearing things I had forgotten about and talking on the phone without hands free (fabulous).

Ron Stevens, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Well done Blamey & Saunders

I’ve had the Blamey & Saunders SIE Hearing aids for several weeks now and have found them terrific. Easily as good as the $11,000 option that I also tried. I was a little concerned at all the clinic web sites warning me off buying hearing aids from the internet, but dealing with an Australian company who offers a money back guarantee and such competitive prices how could I go wrong. Our health benefits were even happy to provide us their maximum refund.

So far the aids have worked very well — I am not experienced at wearing aids and my ears were a little itchy inside at first but I experimented with the different tips and am now having no problem happily ignoring them. Sounds are much clearer than I expected. Music is beautiful and complete again. No longer need to turn up the TV or strain to hear the conversation. It was a bit disconcerting at first, suddenly hearing all the little noises I haven’t heard for years. Now it’s like I’m losing one of my senses when I take them off. My only complaint would be that having the microphones on the top and rear of the cases means that you pick up more sounds from behind you. I can now definitely hear if someone is following me :) I’ve noticed this is a bit of an issue when in an audience at a theatre. It’s a bit distracting when you can hear every little whisper or paper rustle from the row behind you. I’m told this is because the microphone is omni-directional in quiet, and becomes automatically directional in noise. All the other aids I’ve seen also do it with the mics on top so there must be a good reason for it. My wife was amazed at how inconspicuous they are. Much smaller that I expected and hardly visible.

Well done Blamey & Saunders — I would recommend these aids to anyone.

Tom Hunt, Wollongong
Hearing aid experience: New user

Easier daily life at home and at work

Daily life has become a lot easier with my hearing aids from Blamey Saunders hears. I had not realised how hard I had been working to compensate for my hearing loss and how stressful it had become, not just for me but for my family. I had assumed that I would do something about it when I got older and there were ‘better’ hearing aids on the market.

When I decided to try Blamey & Saunders hearing aids, I was impressed by their reasonable cost, ease of fitting, discrete size and product support. The biggest benefit is how much more relaxing it is to communicate in situations that I would previously have found stressful, such as noisy environments, meetings and trying to hear quietly spoken people. The impact has been profound.

Lynda Turnbull, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: New user

Experience easier listening

I purchased a pair of hearing aids from Blamey & Saunders and I’m amazed at how clear the sounds come through. I am now hearing sounds just like I remember them.

Best of all is the program to adjust the aids & if you want to fine tune with it, it’s so simple to use and gives a fantastic result. Gone are the days of making appointments to have hearing aids adjusted, I can now do it at home when I want. I wish Blamey & Saunders was around when my mother was alive because I could have operated the computer for her and given her a far better quality hearing experience. It’s hard to believe that the program is so user friendly. Why didn’t somebody come up with this years ago?

Where else can you get 32 channel hearing aids and what about the price!! Good work Blamey & Saunders and I hope many other people will experience good hearing as a result of your work.

A.B. Cook, Tasmania
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Wedding bells

Just thought I would inform you guys that my son Marc is very happy with his new hearing aids, no complaints at all so far.

He will be able to hear it all when he gets married next month now!

Very glad I contacted you Peter; and with your hearing aid prices Marc has saved a packet too.

Steve Bee (and Marc), Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: New user

Thrilled with natural sound and affordable technology

Many thanks my order arrived yesterday and I am coming to the end of the first working day with my ‘new’ ears. All is very positive — the hearing aids fit and are comfortable.

First, last night I could hear my wife talk to me from another room — I answered her question straight off. Lately, I have been saying: “Sorry I didn’t hear any of that”. We both laughed when we realised what had happened.

No-one has noticed them at work other than perhaps to notice that no longer do I have to ask them to repeat what has just been said. I have attended 2 meetings and no trouble hearing all in the meeting. I have had lunch at a café with an old friend and heard everything he said, despite the background noise.

The sound is natural (although I probably have no real idea of natural, given my long-term hearing loss) and I am enjoying picking up ‘new’ sounds.

The best bit was my going to school conversation this morning with my daughter. I heard everything …how many times in the past have I just let her talk and not really comprehended/heard/listened to anything she said. That was really special.

I am so excited that I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with my purchase and thank you for making the technology (a) work so well and naturally, and (b) be so affordable.

… 6 weeks later

Follow up: Things are going very well and I have had ample opportunity to use my hearing aids in many varied work and social situations and they seem to hold up very well in most of them. I am still experimenting a bit and may give some more thought to programming them to see if I can overcome the occasions where there are some difficulties (large cocktail party type situation — background conversation drowned out people I was talking to).

I must say that now the effect of wearing them is that with them on, everything is ‘normal’ and when they’re off, everything is muted. TV listening is better, my problem with work meetings has been overcome and generally I am catching most of what I was missing. I operate the PA system at my church and I have even been told that I have turned it down too much (now that I hear it ‘normally’) and need to make it louder!

Paul Wentworth, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: New user

My wife and I now have a normal conversation while riding our bikes

The hearing aids arrived safely and their sound quality is very good. I can now enjoy my stereo set again and hear all the details into the music just like before! I should mention one other advantage: there is almost no wind noise (which is the result of the small wind shield at the microphone?). I hear the wind in a natural way in my ears and even in stormy weather my wife and I have a normal conversation while riding our bikes. I am very happy that I decided to buy these hearing aids so far away in Australia and I will recommend these to others.

Johan Alberts, Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands
Hearing aid experience: New user

My new ears are working fantastically well

The new ears are working fantastically well!

I’ve had them for some weeks now and the ‘wow’ factor is wearing off but the deep seated appreciation for what these devices have done for me, continues!

I guess two big surprises were that I can hear even better on the phone than before and music is also much better. I can also hear much better even in situations where there is background noise. I wouldn’t be surprised in fact if my hearing in some situations is better than people with normal hearing due to the directional microphones and noise cancellation.

I believe very much in what you are doing which is to deliver high quality ears to people at a fraction of the price it would cost them in a hearing clinic. Yes, some people may have special requirements that may not be met in all cases but my high frequency hearing loss has now been remedied.

The other nice thing with these ears is that they are unobtrusive and very comfortable. The speakers don’t block the ear canal so therefore there is no buildup of wax or moisture due to having something in the ear canal. Most of the time I wouldn’t even know I have them in. Occasionally I cup my hands around an ear just to get the small ‘chirp’ to reassure myself that they are working!

The software works well and it is good to know that you can remotely fix any issues in this area.

Grant Watt, Western Australia
Hearing aid experience: New user

I now have the confidence to recognise a mumbler

I seldom write testimonials. I do rarely, however, come across a service or material provider to whom I cannot help but respond in someway. It is because the supplier is communicative, helpful and technically competent. I know that I am on to a good thing. One common aspect of these companies is that they are not large but have a good product, are proud of the fact and can and will discuss their product for as long as you like. I am really pleased with these Receiver in Ear hearing aids. I am an engineering manager just re-entering the workforce after being retired for a few years. Unfortunately, my high frequency hearing had deteriorated in the meantime and so I found myself wondering if the younger team members were all mumblers or I had lost enough hearing to be the sole cause of the problem. The aids have sorted that out. The answer is both. At least with the aids, I now have the confidence to recognise a mumbler.

I forget that I am wearing these devices. The notion that hearing aids can cause problems in noisy environments, or any problem at all for that matter, is completely foreign to me.

Greig B, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: New user

Marvellous Service

What marvellous service! The hearing aids arrived at 9 am today, and I ordered them yesterday. I can now hear all the cicadas in the garden, and I didn't know we had any!

I’ll reiterate what a marvelous service — the instant delivery (FROM MELBOURNE TO QLD) and the online programming. When our next door neighbour saw my hearing aids in action he was most impressed and he said they out perform his $7,000 set. He’ll be in touch with you in the future he said.

Peter Lord, Queensland
Hearing aid experience: New user

A Better Hearing Experience

I was using a popular brand’s high end hearing aid for 3 years. No matter how many visits I made to my audiologist, the setting just never felt right. After receiving Blamey Saunders hears’ hearing aid the first surprise was how much more natural its sound quality was even with the standard setting. The next surprise was how easy and straightforward the interactive fine tuning software, IHearYou® , was. I expected the need of some computer literacy and some degree of technical understanding of audiology. But in fact anyone who can press a button on a keyboard can start fine tuning their hearing aid straight away. The communication with Blamey Saunders hears, and the support they have been providing have also been outstanding. The price of the hearing aid was so reasonable, that I believe everyone should give serious consideration buying them. After using a pair of SIE hearing aids for over 6 months I am not only having a better hearing experience, but also also has gained significant understanding about the nature of my hearing loss.

Andrash Bodonyi
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Buying online and DIY in Singapore

Hi I’m Paul Lee from Singapore. I would like to share my experience on purchasing of hearing aids online.

I was shopping for hearing aids for a number of years but was put off by the crazy prices quoted for high-end aids by the local audiologists. I decided to search for online retailers who can offer much cheaper prices for the same product. However, I discovered there was a problem with finding an audiologist who would be willing to make the final adjustments to the aids that are not purchased through him.

It then occurred to me that there could be products that are self-programmable and I came across Blamey Saunders hears, amongst others. I contacted its President, Dr Peter Blamey who was extremely helpful in his advice and this led to my purchase of a pair of SIE 10 hearing aids from him.

The delivery of the aids to Singapore was amazingly quick, within 5 days from placing of the order. As I’m computer-literate, I found the programming of the aids via the computer to be quite simple and straightforward. Again, Peter was always there to provide quick guidance and answers to my queries.

I have been using the aids for more than 2 years now and they have performed extremely well. Often, I don’t even notice I had them on. In fact, there were a couple of times I forgot to take them off in the shower and once I jumped into the pool with them on! Each time, after a quick wipe, they performed as normal. Phew!

Overall, I would say that my online hearing aid purchase experience had been both positive and satisfying. I got myself a pair of excellent hearing aids at a fraction of the price of other high-end aids, with no follow-on audiologist costs and hassle as I can programme them easily myself. This is thanks to the excellent service both prior to and after the sale by Blamey Saunders hears.

My only wish now as a loyal customer of Blamey Saunders hears is for them to consider a trade-in when my aids are due for replacement!

Paul Lee

Paul Lee, Singapore
Hearing aid experience: New user

Long term quality

Having purchased the first of the aids made under licence in the USA 4/5 years ago I can say that they are terrific and at least 5 of my friends now have them. I use them just like my glasses these days and they are trouble free and remarkably robust.

Ian Paine, Victoria
Hearing aid experience: New user

New sounds

I am listening to myself type very loudly whilst I am practising getting used to hearing with aids again. So far everything sounds great. I am loving listening to things like turning the microwave on and hearing the beep. It is mind blowing what I haven’t been able to hear. Will let you know how things go because this is only my first 15 minutes of wearing them.

Paula, QLD
Hearing aid experience: New user

Very easy to adjust at home

I have loaded IHearYou® 0.23 and find it works seamlessly and the adjustments all work well. It is so intuitive. Thanks again.

Steve, Queensland
Hearing aid experience: New user

Fantastic service

I appreciate your help with the aids and I have noted you didn’t just do what a lot of people in the past have done insist it is working when it has a problem, for that I thank you.

Scott, Perth
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Affordable technology

I recently purchased a pair of SIE hearing aids and have found them to be most appropriate to my needs ie comfortable, discrete and effective. Daniel was extremely helpful in advising options and in assisting with the purchase. The ability to program the units is extremly useful and it takes the mystique away from using and modifying the hearing aid responses which many of the competing commercial selling organisations try to use to their advantage. Compared to other units — they are also great value for money given the level of technolgy they possess.

Hearing aid experience: New user

Husband and Wife

Both Margaret & I are very pleased with the hearing aids, and have recommended Blamey Saunders hears to others.

Dr John B, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Family dinner table

Daniel, Since you helped me out with my aides my life has changed — the family can all now talk a bit quieter and cannot say anything without me hearing them. It is wonderful going out and understanding everything and able to be a part of the conversation. I wish I had done this years ago. Thanks again.

Hans, Melbourne
Hearing aid experience: New user

Easy to adjust at home

The DIY program (IHearYou® ) and hardware are phenomenal. Easy to use, and effective. I can’t see anything at the moment what would improve the software. It’s just good and surprisingly easy. It works as a virtual audiologist, because almost no technical understanding is needed from the user.

Anne, Perth
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Teaching kids

The sound from your hearing aids is pretty good. I can hear my students’ contributions in the classroom better — and lots of other things. Was the world always this noisy?

Dr Tim Sprod, Hobart, TAS
Hearing aid experience: New user

Movies and clear communication

My reaction so far: these things are fantastic, far beyond what I was hoping for based on my previous experience. I’ve turned down the surround sound system about 20% and am still better able to follow movies; for the first time in years I’m enjoying listening to music through speakers instead of heavily equalised headphones; I’m guessing much less about what people are saying to me and rarely having to ask them to repeat themselves; and I’ve had to move my work desk to get away from a slamming door that just wasn't that loud last week. I’m very happy.

Glenn Morton, NSW
Hearing aid experience: New user

Customer support

Thanks mate for your efforts. I am very happy with the aid and have spread the word widely among my contact group. At the moment I don’t feel that my device requires any “fine tuning”. I remain enthusiastic about both the device and your support. The sound quality is good ’though, of course, nothing beats one’s natural senses. Thank you once again and kind regards,

Don, Kambah ACT
Hearing aid experience: New user

Clarity at work and on the telephone

I am very happy with these. Within an hour of arriving at work, I was experiencing a completely different quality of life. In the past, I had trouble understanding people on the telephone, mostly when they spelled out letters and names. Now things are not just louder, it is clear now. A tremendous change! I can hear the doorbell at work from the back of the factory, and now I don’t shout because I can hear my own voice (my wife was right about this). The TV is clearer to, and I can finally catch all the words and commentary. Really great quality, I love it, and I’m happy to tell others.

Sam Besserman, Armadale, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Discreet looks and great in noise

I tried a more expensive pair of instruments from another leading manufacturer, and I really found they sounded harsh and distorted. It wasn’t able to sound both audible and comfortable. I much prefer the natural sound of my Blamey & Saunders hearing instruments, which are clearer in background noise (I tried both brands at the same time in the car with engine running and the radio on). I use them at dinner parties a lot. They are also tiny and discreet, which I must admit is important for me.

Judi B., Collingwood, VIC
Hearing aid experience: New user

Don’t miss the punch line

As you know, I’m using your SIE model, my second pair of hearing aids. They are my most comfortable set. I have a moderate high-frequency loss that makes female voices sound a bit unclear, and I struggle at the theatre when people don’t project their voices. I find the main benefit is in catching the actors’ little side-jokes. The clarity is good. I boosted the volume a bit and did some fine tuning at home too.

Rick, Armadale, VIC
Hearing aid experience: Experienced user

Dinner in Melbourne and a live band

I was outside having dinner on Bourke Street in the city. I was able to understand the conversations of people located a couple of tables away, even though there was some street noise. It’s been a long time since I could do that — even one table away!! Also, I've been really enjoying music, particularly one night, with the band “Stand and Deliver.” They did, and so did your hearing aids!

Mark White, Long-lost Australian
Hearing aid experience: New user