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In a word: wow!

Hi Rebecca

Just wanted to let you know my impression of my new Opus 96 hearing aids compared to my SIE64 Plus.

In a word: wow!

Much improved clarity.

Definitely better feedback control.

Very much better in a noisy environment.

Today in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie I was standing between two petrol motor driven flood pumps and still able to conduct a conversation. I have quite significant hearing loss from a combination of chainsaws, racing motorbikes and loud, loud music.

I was happy with the SIE Plus which I purchased last year, then I heard about the new model.

I rang to order some retainers and asked how much better the new model was? After some discussion I was offered an upgrade to the new model for a very reasonable price.

The new aids arrived yesterday, settings are all the same as my SIE but what a difference.

I have no hesitation in recommending the upgrade to any of your existing or potential customers.

Outstanding value, outstanding service, outstanding product.

Congratulations Blamey Saunders

Stephen Smith, new Opus-96 user

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