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You can’t reverse hearing loss, but you can proactively strengthen your hearing pathways.

When used in combination with high quality hearing aids (which aid in acoustic stimulation), listening exercises may slow the effects of hearing loss and greatly improve your hearing capacity.

Are you ‘ear fit’?

Here are just some of the daily listening aerobics you can do to help keep your ears fit:

Memory Stretches

Ask a friend to recite three numbers to you. Repeat them back, in reverse order.

When you can do three, do four, and so on.

Next, ask a friend to read a passage of three sentences. When they have finished, recall out loud the first and last word of the passage.

Again, increase difficulty as you go.

Music Training

Music training helps improve your ability to make sense of speech sounds. Sites like offer a great range of music training games.

You can also use music to help focus your hearing in background noise. Turn on the radio or CD player and have a friend talk to you from a reasonable distance, at a normal volume.

Work on filtering out the music. Add more sound sources as your skill improves.

Listening Lifts

Find a place to sit without interruption, and close your eyes.

Focus on the sounds around you.

What can you hear?

Try to identify the sound furthest away from you. Hold that sound in your focus for a moment, then listen to a closer sound.

How many sounds can you identify?

Measure your ear fitness

You can measure your ear fitness right now by taking our Speech Perception Test (SPT).

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