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Hearing loss reduces stimulation to your hearing nerve pathway and, left untreated, makes your hearing system lazy.

High quality hearing aids can provide the stimulation needed to reawaken tired pathways.

Why are hearing aids so important?

Research shows that the area of the brain dedicated to hearing is reassigned in the early stages of hearing loss; untreated hearing loss can lead to a decline in brain functioning. Luckily, hearing aids can lessen the impact of that process.

Good hearing aids should do more than just amplify sound

The sounds we hear are a complex mixture of smaller sounds. Hearing aids filter the whole spectrum of sound into separate parts called ‘frequency channels’.

By analysing sound in its smaller components, a hearing aid can adjust different parts of the sounds independently without affecting other parts.

More channels allow the hearing aid to be more selective in what it amplifies.

The result is clearer sound in noise, and less distortion. It’s a bit like having more pixels in a camera.

Of course, the quality of a hearing aid doesn’t just depend on the number of channels – the quality of the underlying amplification technology is of equal importance.

How our hearing aids work

Digital sound processing enables easier and more flexible customisation of conventional hearing aids.

It also means we can use five advanced clinically-trialled technologies that are making a world of difference to the hearing comfort and listening abilities of our hearing aid users.

Blamey Saunders hearing aids have all five technologies as standard.

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IHearYou®: Award-Winning ‘Self-Fit’ Technology

IHearYou® is the world’s first hearing aid solution that lets you adjust your settings using your smartphone or computer

You now have the convenience of tuning your hearing preferences yourself, wherever you are.

IHearYou® ensures you are entirely satisfied with the way your Blamey Saunders hearing aids sound – in any listening situation.

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