Our Guide to buying hearing aids online

We’ve made it easy to safely order affordable, custom-fit hearing aids online or over the phone.

They’re delivered straight to your door, ready-to-go, for free!

Step 1: Test your hearing online

We use the results from your online Speech Perception Test or audiogram to load your hearing aids with custom settings.

Email us your audiogram | Take the Speech Perception Test

Step 2: Select your hearing aids

If you took our Speech Perception Test, you’ll receive a report telling you if our hearing aid range is suitable for your hearing. As a rule, any model will be fine if you can carry a phone-based conversation without hearing aids (even with difficulty). If you can’t use a phone at all, make an appointment to see us in clinic so we can show you our high powered solution.

Compare hearing aids

Step 3: Measure your ear size

We need your ear size measurement to provide you with the most comfortable tube length. Follow our easy instructions.

How to measure your ear: Facett | Other models

Step 4: Order your Hearing aids online or over the phone.

The fastest way to order is online. Or, you can do it over the phone: 1300 443 279

Your hearing aids arrive preset based on your test results. Most people are happy with the way they sound right out of the box. You might opt to adjust them for comfortable volume using our IHearYou® system.

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Free delivery, free accessories.

Your Blamey Saunders hearing aids should arrive by mail in 2–3 business days, with everything you need to get started.

We can ship internationally.

There’s no GST on hearing aids in Australia, however if you order from another country (e.g. New Zealand) you may need to pay local taxes when your delivery arrives.

Before you purchase hearing aids

We recommend visiting your doctor to investigate the cause of your hearing difficulty. Seek medical advice if you have had a sudden hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, or ear pain.