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Opus Hearing Aid Package

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Opus-96 Hearing Aid Package from Blamey Saunders hears
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Hearing aid package prices are for a full system with everything you need including accessories. And you receive follow up support via video or phone consultation as well as remote fine tuning of your hearing aids from our teleaudiology team.

Shipping is free for all hearing aids purchased online within Australia.

About this hearing aid

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A best seller, Opus uses 96 output channels on one of the world’s most advanced sound processors, bringing you closer to true to life sound. Users report that soft sounds are clearer and loud noises more comfotable.

Opus is designed to give you an extra boost in background noise; a clever microphone configuration reduces more of the sounds you don’t want to hear, so what you want to hear stands out better against background noise.



Our hearing aid packages come with our IHearYou® programming system. The system allows you to adjust your own hearing aid settings on your Windows computer, Android and iOS devices. It connects you with our team of hearing experts who can help you optimise your hearing aid settings within the comfort of your own home, in listening environments that are important to you.

What’s included

Is an Opus hearing aid suitable for you?

The Opus model is designed for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses. If you have taken our Speech Perception Test (SPT) online, or sent us a copy of a recent hearing test, we can use the results as your starting settings for your hearing aids. Feel free to contact us for expert advice on which hearing aid is best for your level of hearing loss.