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IHearYou®: better hearing at your fingertips

Blamey Saunders hearing aids work with IHearYou®, an award winning ‘self-fit’ system that lets you optimise your settings to the listening situations unique to your lifestyle using an app on your Android or iOS smart device or Windows computer.

Studies show you’re less likely to wear your hearing aids if you don’t like the way they’ve been tuned. IHearYou® empowers you to make smart setting adjustments yourself.

IHearYou® lets you set up special programs for music, the office or the sports arena.

It’s as easy as:

You’re in control, but never on your own

IHearYou® gives you personal control over your hearing aid settings while keeping you connected to the experts at Blamey Saunders hears. All you need is a phone or internet connection for hearing advice and remote fine-tuning assistance.

We can do it for you if you’d prefer

If you can confidently access your emails or navigate Facebook, you won’t have any problems using IHearYou® on your own. But if you'd prefer us to make adjustments for you, get in touch via phone, email or live chat. We use screen-share technology to make instant changes, with your input, from our Melbourne headquarters. Or, you can see a clinician in a clinic in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney or at a Link Clinic appointment.

Watch this video to find out how it works

Award winning IHearYou System and incus system 

The other part you’ll need is our Bluetooth-enabled Incus programmer, which handles the communication between your hearing aids and your computer or mobile device. The Incus is included in all our hearing aid packages.

IHearYou legacy version

If you’re still using Windows XP, or an AHPro3 programmer, you can still use the legacy version of IHearYou. Download IHearYou legacy version for Windows (30MB).